A Spoonful of Honey – A Daily Dose of Honey is a GoodFeel

A Spoonful of Honey.

It’s a very cool thing that bees give us honey.

Getting a daily dose of honey is a good vibe for your overall health.


Honey is a smoothpoops smoothie optional and I mix it in with my little dudes and mine own daily smoothie as the benefits this antioxidant and natural antibiotic enhances your health.

bowl of honey

The supposed quote of Einstein that humans would have a mere 4 years to live should bees, the producers of honey, become extinct was a quote that even today proved to have weight amongst the collective consciousness.

When I take my son down to the local Science World and they are breeding bees there which is pretty fascinating to get up close to and see these busy creatures at work.

honey bee love

Honey could be considered one of nature’s optimal sweeteners. This tasty element has no expiration date, and is pounding with those healing entities that are natural to our systems functionality.

Consumables that are naturally cultivated from the Earth and its divine and impeccable systems would only prove to enhance and support life.

Once you start to perceive of your health in a connected way to the Earth upon which we live, making healthy choices is super easy and, super tasty.

honey bee flower nectar

Our bodies will perform to a large degree in how we cultivate our dietary habits and personal habits of exercise.

The most important aspect of all nutrition first and foremost….?

Your Mindset.

Mind over matter has long been a topic of discussion and as a person who has experienced and overcome challenges of a physical nature with the cultivation and development of my Mind in terms of focus and belief I can attest the efficacy of your thought forms and mind focus to delineate certain outcomes in your life experience.

Moderation and appropriate daily quantities to be monitored and considered is an empowering practice.

Being mindful and cultivating present moment awareness while you purchase, prepare and consume your food is one element that takes strength of will yet is completely free and profound powerful and effective in nurturing a positive relationship with how you nourish your body.

The Benefits of Consuming Honey

Honey is similar to wine in that it has varietals which come from a specific type of flower. The variety of the honey, in terms of smell, colour and taste is dependent upon the source of nectar that the honey bee visits.

Honey contains a concentrate of powerful flavours and is a sweetener that offers less sugar and fewer carbohydrates than refined sugar would in terms of sweetening you consumables.

honey comb honey

Honey dates back to 2400B near Cairo, Egypt and has been noted to have been used by Ancient Egyptians as embalming fluid, a healing medicine and the beeswax used for candle making.

As aforementioned, honey is packing some serious antioxidants including flavonoids and phenols which have been known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Our good resource over at Wikipedia here can give you more insights on the effects and impact of oxidative stress in the body.

Antioxidants are super good for lowering cholesterol too, so if you are looking to minimize or decrease your or your child’s body weight, then honey is a great alternative to sweeteners and refined sugars.

golden jars of honey

As a healing agent to aid in healing wounds, burns and other skin irritants as it contains antiseptic properties that accelerate the healing of wounds by encompassing an environment that is moist and ripe with nutrients.

Pathogens such as E.coll and MRSA are effectively killed by the entities found in honey. That factoid alone is a solid reason why honey should be a daily good vibe in your life.

Whenever my little guy or even myself has an itchy throat and some coughing, honey proves a soother of sweetness either in a spoonful or added to a herbal tea to soothe and relieve any discomfort in that area. It has been said too, that honey can prove a more effective application for a cough than that of over the counter medicine.

spoonful of honey

As a human being who has undergone massive shifts in my personal transformation, I would be more on par with the natural entity of honey to enhance and support your body’s natural healing capabilities. Mixing in some yummy natural ginger to that tea will only prove to level up your healing further.

Honey has been linked with enhancing physical performances in terms of athleticism. As a carbohydrate for performance, it performs just as well, if not better than alternative sources of carbs.

Acid re flux is something my little man has had to contend with. I reckon it is because he was an emergency C section baby and didn’t get those bacterial gut flora from a regular delivery of passing through the birthing canal. Honey is a good application to alleviate his discomfort as it provides a coating to the mucous membrane and offers reduction in inflammation in the esophagus.

*IMPORTANT NOTE with the Honey Vibe:

Because of the contents of honey, which include spores of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum which can germinate in the undeveloped and immature digestive system resulting in infant botulism. It is extremely rare but it can prove fatal, so a very good tool of knowledge for parents everywhere to understand and refrain from giving any child under the age of one year of age any kind of honey.

honey bee jars

A spoonful a day and/or an addition to the smoothpoops smoothie – honey is a natural element cultivated from the Earth and its benefits are a great way to enhance and optimize your personal health and that of your little ones!

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