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Learning about the ins and outs of parenting is the inspiration behind this site. About the smoothpoops site is for you , the reader to gain confidance and empowerment in your knowledge of me. I have another site that encompasses well being and empowerment in living and you can read a bit about me here:

About Bex Arnold

The inspiration behind https://smoothpoops4kids.org was brought about by witnessing my vibrant child deteriorate in health, energy and well being after he was prescribed consistent treatments for his constipation with the chemical applicaiton of the laxative PEG.

I had been resolving some mental health issues and after my healing and the subsequent clarity that was gifted to me through my own inner healing work, I was amazed and appalled at how disempowering  accepted medical practices for my child’s health were being normalized as solution.

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Constipation is an all encompassing and very common occurrence amongst children.  This common occurrence can be circumvented and treated in a natural and systematic manner so as to alleviate any gastrointestinal discomfort.  Pumping your child with chemical laxatives creates disharmony in their natural systems and proves to create a dependency on the chemical, thus not allowing the intrinsically complex and dynamic system that is the human body to do its work effectively.

I love my little guy.  I quit smoking, drinking and drugs several years before I endeavoured to even think about creating another human being.  This is important work and I am of the belief that if you are to make such an investment, then you should do so in an elevated and empowering manner.me bean and panda

My intent behind this site is to empower children.  Practices in society, in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as politics and social constructs may be allowed to be practiced and normalized in their application, but I am more of the mindset that one must know what is right for them as an individual, rather than as a collective.

Some people may not question the validity or safety of having a beautiful growing child consume powders of a chemical nature to relieve stomach pains – however I am the one that questions if that is what is right for my little guy. Being a healthy participant in optimal living is actually really really simple.  Our bodies were designed to feel and perform magnificently.  The more your practices of care reflect this truth, the more vibrant your life experience and that of your offsprings, will be.

Natural, vibrant and high fiber foods, along with an appropriate amount of water and exercise, keeping your child’s gastrointestinal tract functioning, growing and developing in a natural and empowering manner. This site will demonstrate that keeping your child healthy and staving off constipation is achievable without needing to compromise the physiological health of your child.

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