Exercise Moves the Bowels

vibrant smoothies move the bowels


Here at smoothpoops we understand that physiological health is an integrated and dynamic subject in which we are all affected despite our country of origin, our cultural beliefs and practices or our age. Exercise moves the bowels, it is an enhancement for the motion of your natural functions.  We were made to move!!

The oneness that humanity shares in terms of being human is a springboard in which we can share and cultivate a space of support and compassion for our commonalities in this area of our existence in our lives.

Physiological health and development in the human body has many factors that enhance or impede its natural functions.

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Exercise is a tool in which you can optimize and enhance your health and increase the longevity of your time here on Earth.

Exercise enhances health and for our purposes here at smoothpoops, it is good and useful knowledge to have in our toolkit that exercise moves the bowels.

A regular child is a happy child. A constipated child, not so much.

smoothies move the bowels


The cool thing about the smoothpoops smoothie is that you can implement it into your little ones diet as soon as they are ready to receive it. See here for prenatal and post-partum tips and a month by month guide of your child’s development.

The fact that it is a smoothie, it is easy to consume for a child with no teeth and the inability to quite eat yet.

Furthermore, when you introduce these vibrant and nutrient healthy foods into your child’s system at the onset of their nutritional consumption, then you are empowering them from the get go.

When I was a pregnant Mama Bear, I was pretty fit prior to my pregnancy I had made a commitment to be completely healthy in my body and free of toxins before I endeavoured to create another human being and am I ever glad I did.

This was my little guy on the first day he was born and he was one healthy and vibrant little baby weighing in a solid 8llbs6oz with 10 rating across the board.

little bean day one


After creating a human being and bringing them into this world, your whole perspective on life changes completely and for me, in the grand scheme of things all I want for my little guy is for him to feel safe, happy, free and understand and learn how to maintain optimal health in Mind, Body and Spirit.

As an ambassador to his journey it is my job as his Mama Bear to model and instill in him empowering beliefs and behaviours.

I keep a fit body because I have to maintain a certain level of physical activity in order to keep my mental health optimal. I manage/path to healing a complex neural stress disorder and as a result I have an acute awareness and firsthand experience of how the body and mind are intrinsically linked.

The brain body connection is a powerful and dynamic relationship and with movement of the body, we can enhance our neural garden.

exercise moves the bowels


Humans are made to move. It is remarkable what some humans can do when they endeavour upon making a career out of utilizing their bodies. You need not be an athlete or Olympian to enjoy the rewards that having a performance ready body can provide.

Even if a parent does not have an empowered physical exercise regime, it doesn’t mean that their child has to do without one. It is, however, useful to know that the most effective and efficient way to get a child to behave in a certain way is to model the behaviour yourself.

Children copy what you do, not what you say.

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As humans, we are emotional beings. Even if people govern themselves as if they have no emotion, that is an act or a state of being of severe disconnectedness to the Self – any human with a heart beating has undergone the process of feeling emotion to one degree or another.

It is inherent in how we are made.

Emotion is energy in motion.

Your body in motion allows you to regulate and process the emotional energy you keep in your energetic body. Your body in motion also enhances and utilizes the infrastructure of musculature that you have been gifted with as well as enhances circulation and cell development that is of healthy and empowering nature.

As children develop, their brains develop, as do their bodies. They also have an introduction to understanding and processing emotion.

A child who is active on a consistent basis versus sitting in front of a screen will develop the tools and the capacity to regulate and process their emotional energy effectively and optimally.

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After initially having a baby, exercise and getting into and exercise routine may seem like the last thing you want to do but the benefits you will gain from developing the strength of will to keep a routine of exercise will be exponential in your post-partum recovery, your energy levels, your ability to cope with the stress that comes with now having created an entirely other little being.

Getting out with your baby may also allow you to encounter other new parents who are seeking mutuality.


I had to have an emergency C section due to a multiple entanglement of the umbilical cord around my little guys neck.

I was hoping for a completely natural birth, which I managed to accomplish for the first 16 hours from the onset of my contractions, but as I tried to push him out, I was essentially strangling him so he kept rising back up to my belly and could not fully drop into my pelvic cavity.

I had a midwife in the hospital and my care was handed over to physicians to get out my little guy as safely as possible and it was kind of crazy vibe as I was wheeled into surgery all I remember is yelling an expletive, apologizing to the doctor for yelling said expletive and then another gurney passed by me in which I saw a very old looking toe with a tag on it.

One life in, one life out is an actual thing, I thought.

My son was breastfed for the first 6months of his life, started pureed foods after 6months and completed his breast feeding after 13 months. Within 6 weeks of my surgery, I was able to pump my milk and take some time for myself while my partner cared and fed our little new baby. breast milk magic


I managed to be back on my roller blades within 6 weeks of the surgery and it was easy for me, because of the muscle memory I had prior to my pregnancy. I am a fit Mama Bear because of self care, but primarily for my mental health and well-being. Roller blading might be a tall order for some after a C section, but there are alternative methods in which you can get out and get your body moving.

Baby Centre was a massively helpful resource for me and my crew when we endeavoured to have a baby. They have some great suggestions that can be found here that offer guidance as to how to recover optimally in terms of post-partum recovery.

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Here are a list of ages and the guidelines I would recommend are optimal in terms of investment of time in exercise for your child and instilling a consciousness of health and self care within them as they grow.

Doing so will be a life long gift they can harness and retain in terms of the vehicle that takes them through this life.

If your child is more sedentary than active, simple and small shifts can be implemented so that new habits are formed. Forming positive and body/mind nurturing activities at the onset of a child’s growth and development will determine the overall physiological health from which the child will springboard.

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Even the above is a low amount of exercise for me and my guy. My guy is bursting with energy. He is all kinds of orange haired vibrance and a powerful energetic physiology.

We were gifted a stroller and never used it.

He went from a Baby Bjorn to on the move and he refused to maintain a positive or vibrant state of being when I would try to put him in the stroller.

baby bjorn styling I am an advocate for a goodvibe in living and in how I connect and govern myself when it comes to guiding my son.

He is not my property, nor someone I want to or have the power to control. He is his own individual being who is reliant on me to guide him through his childhood until he becomes a well-adjusted and the example I set with him in how I relate to him, how I correct undesirable behaviours and how I treat myself in terms of what I eat, how much I exercise and the activities I engage in.

That’s right folks! It all starts with you!

Your kids watch you and mimic you. Make the example a good one!

Your body is designed to feel really really good and it is SUPER SIMPLE to achieve a better vibe in your body’s physiology.

A method to do this is to implement a consistent exercise routine in their daily lives. I am all about stress free experiences for my little guy as for kids, life can be pretty overwhelming at times when we try to fit them into a structured modality of living with school, play date, after school and extra-curricular activities. This fast paced kind of schedule can cause unnecessary stress in your little ones body. Nice and easy is a goodvibe to encompass.

Exercise enhances activity in the digestive tract. Lack of physical activity encourages constipation. When your kids get exercise consistently, as part of their routine and at the same time of the day, then the bowels will move with more speed as your body’s digestive tract reacts to the expectation and conditioning of efficient movement and activity within the physiology of the body due to engaging in exercise.

Emotional stress can affect the physiology of the body. Although it may be popular to immerse your children in a myriad of organized sports and activities, running from one event to the next after an already expansive and energetically expelling day that school provides is something that, with mindfulness, can really level up the state of being of your child.

Ease is a good space for a child.

Freedom is a good space for a child too.

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Giving your child time to absorb and download his day by spending connected time and freestyle outdoor play and activities allows for a more natural flow in terms of the natural bio rhythms of your child’s physiology and offers a space for you to really connect with them and their world around them.

A regulated and exercised body is leads to a healthy and happy body. 

 When you exercise regularly it filters out into every aspect of your life.  Your energy levels rise, your appetitie is healthy, you are able to discern and regulate emotional states with more ease and efficiency.

 In combination with good nutrition, exercise is the key to harnessing those good feels in yourself and your little ones!