Giving KIDS the attention they need so you can get what you need done. Giving to get is a technique also known as frailing in the very effective and empowering transurfing modality of metaphysical living.

It is a simple principle that states when you give to others what they inherently need, then you yourself get what you are intending upon.

And it works!!

The goodfeel of acknowledgement and affirmative reverberations.

It’s been a quiet vibe for a good amount of time due to recalibration to the new global times we all find ourselves experiencing.

I have had the good fortune of learning about homeschooling and how to optimize the performance of a young mind as well as figure out how to revise the new schedule of being a full time entrepreneur and Mama Bear.

It was a sweet feel when I had my own time during the days the little cutie was in school but when that was not an option for a good portion of the pandemic.

As a result it enabled a good education as to how to optimize my time while still maintaining optimal, invested parenting.

Giving to get



A sweet feel for empowering your children when you need to occupy their attention and get your day dialed in to your own pursuits is to enable them to make empowering and confidant choices of their own.

This is an easier vibe if you yourself are leading by example.

If you are an ask hole parent who is always on their phones while with their children and then ask why there is so much disharmony in the behaviour of their young ones then you need to wake up and turn off your phone.

There is not only a virus pandemic in our world today but a pandemic of unconscious awareness.

The people who are more enthralled in their media screen then they are in the engagement of their own children are a dangerous species.

You are conveying in your child that the worth of their life is of diminished importance and that whatever you are absorbing on your screen is of the utmost interest and importance.

Giving to get with kids



That is a humanity low ball for these kids.

I have found the key to engaging kids and still enabling you to get the work you need to get done, done.

It involves a commitment of investment for a quarter of an hour and then getting 45 minutes to yourself.

I did this the other day with my little guy.

We promote predominantly screenfree days so going to certain activities and keeping busy with an activity is a tangible and solid expectation that has already been set.

If your kids are already addicted to screens then systematic shifts in their habits can be implemented.

Diminish the time you allow incrementally.

Before you do so, express in words that the screen time has become a habit to a deficit and for the well being and out of SELF RESPECT, you are going to now implement new habit shifts for the betterment of their brains.

You are the parent. You are the ambassador of your children’s experience so if you have been hitting the snooze button on your conscious awareness of parental dial in, don’t judge it, just amend it. NOW.

Habit shifts are just in need of conscious awareness and systematic implemented shifts into your already established day.

When you can be in governance of your own conscious awareness throughout your day then you empower yourself in terms of responsivity versus reactivity.

Give love get love


Your esteem and connectivity of your own Self determines the level at which you choose to INVEST TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION into the little beings that you have brought into this world.

The investment you make takes your conscious awareness to give to your kids what they are really looking for.

Whenever my kid is behaving boisterously and like a maniac I fundamentally have this belief that he just needs more invested time, space and attention from me.

He was a super chill baby and only put up a fuss when he needed to eat, sleep or poop and so I think I kinda picked up as his Mama Bear that is he is acting up or acting out, he just needs one of his basic human needs tending to.

The three basic human needs are confidence, peace of mind and health.


Give to get in your peace


High energetic outbursts and seemingly annoying or combative behaviour from a young little human is a product of needing some investment.

A simple check in to their world, how they are experiencing it and letting them know you have their back is a supremely elevating vibe.

It is a sweet vibe to be in governance of your own conscious awareness so that your reactivity stays on the downlow and you can be more of an observer to your kids behaviours and the motivations or intentions behind them, from their perspective, and not your conditioning or own inner reactivity.

The esteem you hold within determines the esteem your kids will cultivate.

If you are a reactive robot to your children’s undesireable behaviours then you will aggravate and exarcebate versus resolve and expand.

If you see your kids as avenues to repeat the generational conditioning before you, then I would encourage a more open and free module where you give each and everyone of you the right to be exactly who you are as autonomous individuals and aim to support, uplift and encourage yourselves in your own autonomous expressions and pursuits



Be the ambassador buddy.

Take a feel like lego and get it out and sit at the table and set and intention to build a city. Then with words and creativity ask your kid(s) to close their eyes and imagine the most vibrant lego city they can imagine. Engage them by asking them where the city is located, how many cars are there and what do they look like.

Our imaginations are our most epic gift that we have at our disposal. It is a beautifully sweet vibe to connect to that aspect of yourself as what you can imagine, you can, literally bring into your experience.

Take a few handfuls of lego and place upon the table.

The lego goodfeel

You can sort it into colours and shape pies as you can count to reinforce related learning skills for their continued growth and expansion.

There really are learning opportunities everywhere and you can harness as many as your creative imagination and inner child willingness is able.

Keep talking up the imaginative ideas that you can think of and if you are not a creative type and are at a loss, then the handy internet is a good feel to garner some ideas for you to convey to your child. The truth is though, that kids are inherently creative so given some lego and some solid encouragement they can be occupied for hours.

The same rings true for drawing a comic book, crafting a project, reading or imaginative play.

The key is to give attention to your child, in an invested and interested fashion that gets them started in their own creativity, with parameters and enable them to immerse themselves fully after your initial facilitation.

Pockets of free time while rearing a child is more available to you by a solid and invested practice of time, space and attention to your own curiosity and interest in your child’s point of view.

When you invest time, space and attention into the human being that is your child, then they feel seen and heard.


Giving to get good kids


When you give them this investment and attention then they become more confidant and secure in their own guidance because they have had the foundation of such a teaching by your example.

Kids are more needy, attention seeking and rowdy in their behaviours when they need investment from the adults that are guiding them.

To be a child is a wonderful and explorative experience but it can be intimidating and uncertain if you are a child left to figure things out on your own without any solid guidance from your influences.

Take the time, space and attention to invest in the interest of your child’s perception and once you make an investment into an activity, playing with them, demonstrating it to them and then leaving them to then explore the activity on their own will occupy much more of their time and interest.


As a human being you have your own energy to manage and the four aspects of your management are compiled in your thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

When you take command over these aspects of your life experience then you will see how formidable your life can really become.

Bright balloon love



Rather than thinking what you need, focus on what your kids need.

Once you are able to look at your child like a guest in your world rather than a person you are in charge of, then you can leverage the energy you are spending to your ultimate advantage.

Children are better equipped in their independence and self-sufficiency when they have been filled up and gifted such yearnings in their biological (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) aspects of themselves.

Taking an initial and invested attention to the thoughts you generate in regards to how you intend events to roll forward as well as how you think about your kids is a huge empowerment win.

The thoughts you encompass takes a good about of energy as to how your results will unfold.

So here are some thought frames to equip yourself with to implement and program into your minds attention.

I can easily get all my tasks done and keep my beautiful child occupied with their own tasks.

Taking care of my responsibilities and caring for my child is easy.

My child is very capable. When I invest and guide them with nurturing care, they will learn how to nurture themselves.

I am the ambassador to my child so how I direct my thinking and actions are teaching them how to cultivate the same.

Everything is working out for me and I get everything done easily and in the right time.

You may be surprised to see how powerful your purposeful thoughts will yield in terms of your intentions as a parent. Give these go to thought frames a chance to gain momentum in your attitudinal approach to parenting and watch the transformation take place.

Be consistent and determined in your right to think empowering thoughts and you will see how supported you really are in terms of directing your thought forms effectively.

Giving to get balance




Your emotions are bred from your attitudes.

When you have a low feel attitude towards your parental obligations due to stress, overwhelm, fatigue or burnout then your natural set point of vibration is naturally in a low feel.

Having an acumen of purposeful thinking towards your benefit and support is a good habit to develop for yourself not just as a human being but as a self-responsible parent is tremendously helpful for the optimal development of your child.

How do you feel most days? How does your emotional energy yield in terms of how you engage your kids? Are you happy? Are you stressed? Are you frustrated? Are you chill and relaxed and in complete control?

Gauging your own emotional feels and how you are imparting them to your kids is key to their development.

Eggcellent feels

If you are unregulated and get frustrated and angry around the happenings that are occurring in your famjam dynamics then you are bleeding energy unnecessarily.

Having an acumen of your own emotional awareness is key for your success rates in living in general. You can read about the physiology of emotion here.

To be in command of your thought frames will be a great relief for any resistance you are presently carrying in regards to your role as a parent and your sentiments towards your children.

Taking time, space and attention for your own emotional well being and acumen is key to effective parenting.

Check in with your feels and gauge your emotional set point before you go about relating with your kids. When you are in the right frame of mind and a neutral emotional state, then your influence is prime for optimal guidance of your little one(s)



Your actions are a huge influence to your kids development and the way they assimilate experiences.

If you say one thing and then act in a contradicting fashion to that then you lose your credibility pretty fast with kids as they are some of this world’s most perceptual creatures.

The big game win with effective parenting is to act in ways that align with your words and your feeling states. Being congruent with your words and actions is clean energy for your life, but especially parenting.

Act in ways that provide your children with the support and nurturing that they really need. When you were a kid chances are you were left to your own devices a good amount of the time.

Give to get directions

When you act in an invested and interested way to what experiences your children are fielding then you become an ally and better equipped to help the navigate their experience.

When you invest time, space and attention into being an invested and interested parent, then that is mirrored back in your child’s esteem and understanding of themselves.

What actions are you implementing that are working for everyone? What actions are taking place that are problematic or creating resistances in your dynamic?

You have the authority and power to direct your experience as you see fit.

Make your actions aligned and congruent with optimal support and well being.

Give actions that support and uplift your child and in turn, you will receive more support and uplifting responses from your child and their behaviour.

A child is only acting out or in a mode of destruction for one reason only – they need the right attention. If your child(ren) are acting in ways that appear undesirable or challenging to you, rather than act in a resistant or punitive manner, act in a manner that supports and invests in them the attention and nurturing they are seeking through these behavioural patterns.



The words you speak are law and what may be inconsequential to you may prove to have a huge and lasting impact on yoru child(ren).Being impeccable with your words is paramount to rearing child(ren) with healthy levels of self esteem and solid senses of self identity.

The words you speak, whether they are in jest or not have a powerful impact on how your kids develop and relate to themselves and the word around them.

Instead of using language like “Don’t do this, or “you’re being this and that”, it is always a sweet feel to affirm the behaviours you expect rather than harp on the behaviours you don’t like.

Kids are suggestive to words and language so when you say “don’t do that” vs “thank you for doing that in this way” you are yielding very different results with a very subtle shift in your language.

Always affirm the end results you are aiming for rather than putting a negative focus or prohibition feel upon things. Kids will feel the suggestion of your words and act accordingly.

When kids behave in a way that irritates you or angers you, then ensure you state that it is you that is responsible for your feelings and to make the words you speak about them empowering even if it is in behavioural correction.”

I am surprised that such a considerate little boy like you would do such an inconsiderate thing. What were you doing or thinking when you did (such and such of the undesirable behaviour).

Supportive language while redirecting behaviour is key to imparting healthy esteem and responsiblity into the development of your kids without them taking a knock to their worth or esteem.

Remember that kids are just trying to figure things out and not purposely trying to make your life difficult. When you speak to them both in nurturing and redirection, ensure your language is GOLDEN.

How you speak to your kids will be how they feel about themselves and their capacities so make it empowering, supportive and an unequivocal thrive.

Letting a child know they are loved without condition no matter their errors is one of the most rewarding gifts you can bestow upon a developing human system.

Speak Wisely.

Giving to get in communication

When you give all these aspects of your energy to your famjam dynamics, you will see the rewards tenfold.

The way you manage yourself and your expressions of thoughts, words, actions and emotions is the blueprint to how successful your endeavours will prove to be in terms of all your relational dynamics.

Being An Empowered & Positive Ambassador To Your Developing Little One(s) Is Responsible & Top Form Parenting.