Teaching Kids Empowerment In Themselves



Part of being a healthy participant in this ever expanding and exciting game we called life is to harness an empowering mindset. Teaching kids empowerment is an investment that will pay in dividends and prove priceless to their own life experience.

Exercises for kids begin the day they come into this world – at first they seem like they aren’t doing a whole lot of anything, but in truth, every day of our lives lends itself to rejuvenation and renewal…if we have the mindset and know how to understand and implement this truth into our daily lives.

In our famjam dynamic we were gifted the rolls Royce of strollers by my kindhearted Mama Bear however, we ended up using it once, That’s right folks, our beautiful and vibrant and energized little ginger hair cutie bear was having none of that stroller.

He was made to move, and this became apparent when I tried to take him for that one and only walk and little man was bolting from the secure seat with such fervour, it seemed counter-intuitive and harsh to try to restrain him in his seat.

In fact, this is something that has been witnessed on several occasions – if your child seems willing, able and almost indignant about getting out of a seated position in a stroller,



get them out

It does a great disservice to all

aspects of any child, (any human

being really), to try to restrain their

free will.


It may a convenient way to parent, where you can have them secure and unmoving, but the psychological and physical effects are destructive with this approach and will only lead to more resistance from the child.

Let’s be real too, parenting is anything but convenient so trying to make it so, is somewhat futile.

Structure and schedules are aspects within our control that can help our kids thrive. They are empty slates and free will is something that needs respecting and nurturing in any relationship dynamic.

Respecting and cultivating a connected relationship to our rights and freedoms within the parameters of how we delineate and frame our relationships is a very effective way to harness an empowering mindset for the fundamental base structure of your relatabililty. helping kids flourish

In fact, the more you cultivate the awareness within your child that they are with human rights and the with CHOICE as to how they show up in their lives both mentally and physically, you have now set the stage for how they will govern themselves in their interactions as they move forward into their growth.

I am a firm believer that cultivating self-esteem and self-worth within a child’s consciousness when they are in their formative years, can and will equip them with the tools to handle any challenge this crazy world can and may throw at them.

greatest natural resource

Once you have a baby your life changes dramatically.

A good vibe to work towards is getting you and your baby self care. Ensuring you maintain and cultivate a healthy relationship within yourself for your ultimate physical and mental health plays a big part in how your kids will learn how to care for themselves.

There are creative and fun ways to incorporate body movement and mental wellness into your daily life and that of your children at any age. One need only have an open-minded and positively framed attitude and the willingness and discipline to treat it as you would the importance of nourishing your body with food.

Here is the pathway our famjam took and still implements in terms of our guys physical health.

Tummy time when he was just a wee little guy.

The jolly jumper was rad. It enabled me to workout and have my little guy work his developing musculature. I do not endorse walkers or any kind of device that does the work for your child.

The jolly jumper merely holds up your baby, but the baby itself, has to do the necessary work within their own body to dial in the movement.

My little guy was initially skeptical as he has never experienced before but once he became accustomed and familiar to the feels and capacity within himself to jump about and propel himself every which way, it was a hilarious and super fun experience for us both.

I was able to do my workouts and, he could join me in the same space.

We put mats about our concrete laden apartment (we were in Mehico for the first 3 years of our guy’s life and concrete is a popular choice in dwellings) Little dude had his own space to crawl, pull up, explore, and boy was this little guy a bundle of busy.

At about 9 months he was pulling up and full tilt toddling at 11 months. That was a dicey time for us as he was so speedy and fast yet, not develop;mentally aware of how to govern himself with caution and chipped a tooth, but luckily not too badly that it hit a nerve. I would hold him up by his tank top straps as he would toddle around the streets of Huatulco’s centro.

After little man was about 18 months old, or as I like to delineate as a year and half, his Oma and Opa gifted him a first bike and he was touring around the streets of la crucecita

He was swimming by 6months and acclimated to the water. If you want to raise a kid on a coastal town, it is a good vibe to teach them how to govern themselves in the water. It surprised me that many Mexicans and even Canadian expats don’t swim and yet water is what allows us to sustain life and is one of the four elements of the Earth/ Cultivating a relationship with it is wise pursuit, in my humble opinion.

There was a moment when him and I were dancing on the beach and playing near the shore.

We rested and he was a few inches into the water. A giant wave came to crash at the shore and I readied myself to grab my little dude, but as I watched him acknowledge the wave he naturally went towards it, turned his body to enter its momentum and body surfed his little cutie self back onto the sandy shore.

That was a pivotal learning moment for me as his mama bear and as a human being, in general. We instinctively know how to survive and how to be in harmony with the natural world around us – at any age. It is of value, I think, for us to recognize how simply capable and formidable we are just as human beings in the world.

formidable as humans



Modern conveniences can distract us from this aspect of our beings, and it is a large part of how we can feel connected and good in the world and in our own bodies.

We live in the age of technology where information is available to anyone who has access to the internet and understands how to use a search browser.

It is a good vibe to educate and inform yourself about the world in which you live and how your human physiology correlates with that part of your life.

Harnessing good health is actually what we are made for.

We are made to be good to one another, we are made to be good to ourselves and actually take care of ourselves.

Nourish our bodies, exercise our bodies, engage in activities and pursuits that serve to honour and respect our heart spaces and the best imaginings of our minds.

Do We Do This?

If we are not cultivating respect for ourselves, then how can we teach our children to do the same.

There are many ways to implement healthy choices in exercise and nutrition without it seeming like an impossible task.

Language is powerful so the affirmations of “I am healthy” ” Everyday I get better and better at taking care of my health” ” I am capable and worthy – I deserve good health as a form of self-respect.”

These are all statements, that if made repeatedly and with feeling, can prove to shift your experience exponentially in harnessing good health.

Here is a list of exercises and fun activities you can dial in with your kids. Giving them a solid start from the get go is a seriously good vibe.

Baby/Toddler Scene


tummy time is a winTummy Time


Tummy time is a goodvibe and even as an adult you can benefit from the spinal muscles that get work from lying on ones stomach and lifting up your hands and legs can really prove to tone and strengthen your core.

Tummy time for several periods throughout the day for a baby who can hold up its own head is an excellent way to ensure they get the experience and time to explore how they can begin to move and control their bodies in space.

Flat spots on the back of little ones heads is not what we need here (positional plagiocephaly) – the body is an everchaning, ever expanding mechanism and you teach it how to perform for you based on what you nourish it with, how much you engage it in terms of movement and activity, and the thoughts and emotional states you keep. It is all intertwined and connected.

There is no separation when it comes to functions of our bodies. Mental and physically health are inextricably linked.

Note the link I just sent you read as SickKids – the whole purpose of implementing water, exercise and nutritional food to your child’s physiology will keep your kids HEALTHY.

If you teach the body to lay dormant, it will atrophy. If you teach it to move itself and discover its capabilities, then that is exactly what it will be trained to do. Tummy time enables the opportunity to develop your posterior musculature in the back and neck.

Physically Able & Strong Kids Are Empowered Kids.

Jolly Jumper


jolly jumper



This one is all kinds of awesome, oozing with a good feel vintage vibe and is kind of hilarious.

I used this with my little guy doing video workouts – the 10-minute kind where you can do 10 minutes of a series of 10 minute workouts.

These are awesome because after you have had a baby it can prove to be a challenge to motivate yourself to get back in shape.

The truth is, I remained working out up until little man was born, so my recovery was expedited. Like I said above, you teach your body how to perform by the manner in which you govern all aspects of yourself.

He would dial this in while I was in the same room doing my workouts and initially, it took him getting used to, and there are guidelines as to how long you should keep the little one in there but by the second week little man went from “what in the…” to “Let’s bounce, Mama!”

This device was so awesome and I was actually a little choked when he outgrew it.

Simplicity is the key to good design. The simple nature of the Jolly Jumper is pure genius and it is a solid way to get your child in their body and exerting their efforts to control their direction and movements.

I do not advocate the use of walkers. The child should rely solely on their own body in terms of how it grows and develops.

If you introduce items that provide a type of crutch to the child, then the child will do a disservice to their capabilities and prove to under develop themselves.



Limit not our children, but show them that they are, indeed, limitless.



Natures Spaces and Textures


natures spaces and textures

Cultivating a relationship with the natural world that surrounds us and that we are connected, yields immensely powerful results for such a simple act of merely going outside and being in connection with this part of our worlds.

From the start, our little guy was outside a lot. We were fortunate to be living in a climate where being outside was a pretty easy dealio.

natures textures

I still geared him up, Canadian winter style when we would visit Vancouver or Toronto for family or snowboarding.

Whatever the climate in which you find yourself, outside is always an option – it depends entirely on how you frame the mindset of the kind of weather you are experiencing.

You can complain or you can accept it and go out and have fun with it. Every outcome in your experience is determined by the way you frame it in your mind and how you project that frame in your outward experience.

It Is Entirely Up To You And Your Mindset.

In the seven years that I have guided and raised my child, I know without a doubt that being outside and engaging with the natural elements around us has lead to his expansion and development.

When he is inside for too long, his energy is through the roof, he is combative and loses focus very easily. Outside he is calm, expressive, regulated and very engaging.

outside is free

Our Children are Beings of the Earth


A statement like this can be made without it having to be a big spiritual or hippie movement.

It is just a fact and when you work with facts, then you are empowered.

Containing your children inside on technological devices is a form or great disempowerment for a child’s development.

Taking them outside and introducing them to nature’s wonder yields expansive results.

My little dude cultivates the most amazing creations just out of natural materials he finds in the forest.

The imagination of a child is infinite – it is up to us, as guardians to harness and explore these inherent and creative aspects of our beings.

use time with kids creatively

Crawling/Pulling Up/Toddling


These aspects of your child come in an expanded and growth oriented manner.

The more safe and dynamic places you allow and invest in for your little growing beings will only prove to enhance, support and empower the mind and body aspects of your child’s physiology.

Get them outside, play in nature, use textures from both nature and synthetics so as to offer a variety of ways in which to engage their attention and their fine motor skills.

Again encompassing good and solid health need not be a huge deal and drama fest.

Keep it simple.

Spend more time in the actual presence of your child, and not so much worried about getting things accomplished, but create a safe, fun and creative space in which you and your child can engage in some presence and engagement.

Cues will then arise in which you can use your intuitive parental feels as to what kind of fun and activities your little one is up for. I just let my little guy loose and have at it and he is all kinds of an explorer.

screen free brain healthy



Kid/Teen/Young & Grown Adults


Here is a list of all kinds of activities you can dial in for yourself and with your little ones. Our sister site over at www.thegoodvibelife.com have a myriad of activities for adults and kids alike in their ENGAGE LIFE section of the site that delves further into the benefits and advantages of engaging in an active and momentum generating lifestyle.


Strength Training Exercises








Drive – Kid’s Dune Buggies/Ride on Cars/Tricycles





Ball Play

exercise your kids


All of these activities and more are available for you to harness and have access to.

There are so many creative ways you can move your body in nature and not cost you a dime.

Tree climbing is my fave with my guy because it really makes you feel like you are a kid again and puts you in the presence of who you are now. It is also really great for developing spatial relationships and reliance on ones own body.

Also, it is just fun.

Life is supposed to dial in that vibe on a consistent basis.


Remember that.

Let us not follow these modalities of thinking where one feels that one gets old and withers away as time passes by.

We can remain healthy, vibrant and in motion for the entirety of our life path.

We need only equip ourselves with the tools and desire to do so.

Be empowered with the knowledge that our mindset and attitude play a pivotal role in our ability to expand.

Speak to your strengths and capabilities, and not to your limitations.

Have at it and enjoy yourself and your children.