Kids Travel Tips – Keep It Vibrantly Sourced & Full of Adventure – Limited Screens & Tangible Activities

This smoothpoops post will equip us conscious parents with the good feels of dialing in kids travel tips with ease, efficiency, and most importantly, FUN.

Kids Travel Tips To A


A Little Organization, Imagination &

Attention & Traveling With Young

Children Can Be A Superior


As a Mama Bear who enjoys the good life and understands the inherent value and education one can gain from travel. Having kids travel tips to your thrive is a sweet vibe for your journey ahead.

As an invested Mama Bear and a woman with a curiosity for experience and the world, I have learned that with kid travel the best way to dial that in is to keep it vibrantly sourced and full of adventure.

This means limited screens and time invested in tangible activities that engage the cerebral environment in a more natural and empowering way!


traveling educates and expands

That is a vibe that thrives and we parent/guardians/ambassadors to our children are fully capable to implement it.

I have always been a huge advocate for travel as a method to educate, expand, accept and learn about the diversity this beautiful world has to offer us humans.

To live in a world where division, separation and war are normalized as aspects of humanity that we are not only willing to engage in, but also normalize is something that could do with a switch in mindset.

One of the best ways to tolerate and accept those that differ from what we have learned is the norm, or that carry different beliefs, religious views, attitudes and ways of being is through acceptance.

When we are ignorant of others and the land from which we came, it can sometimes appear as judgement or criticism – not because difference in culture is not accepted, but because it is the nature of a human to be weary of that which they are ignorant.

When my partner and I wanted to move to Mexico, people were crazy with their warnings and attitudes about the volatility that the drug wars impress upon the society and that we would be killed and never come out alive.

It was alarming

it was alarming


My dude and I have been traveling to different parts of the world throughout our lives, and we were quite comfortable to drive from Vancouver BC through America, and then eventually down to the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The only issue we encountered on our 1 week road trip down to Huatulco was a drunk driver in Texas who rear ended us.

As far as our journey into and through Mexico, we planned a route, kept to certain times and maintained appropriate awareness to our surroundings and our behaviour.

The road trip was so much fun and there was not one part of the trip that made me feel uneasy while we toured South.

map of travel We arrived safely, in good time and ended up spending the most glorious half decade in on the sunny sands of Huatulco, made a baby and lived a lifestyle infused with connected living.

Roadtrips for kids are something I will not engage in at this point in our little guys development.

My ginger haired child has a fierce and formidable life energy.

He was made to move and has been that way since he was born.

He started standing at 9months and on the go by 11 months.

Trying to get him into a car for a period longer than that of a half hour is a resistant and unsupportive endeavour for the kind of kid my kid is.

Me and the little guy did the airplane route while my beloved valiantly and efficiently drove our vehicle back to BC.

The time we spent in the South of Mexico and the memories we made, the language we learned, the friends like family and just an overall vacation inspired lifestyle where I could have my own time and my dude could have his own time and we tagged off with our little guy so that he was well cared for by two rested and nourished parents.

I understand this luxury may not be a reality for many people with children, but there is no reason as to why you cannot make family travel a consistent and invested practice that enables you to learn, connect and expand both your relationship to the world, but especially that of your children.

Below you will find some fun activities, tips and ideas for making traveling a smooth vibe and chock-full of fun.

In some regards, air travel can provide opportunities for a lot of stand still and waiting.

heart centered parenting

In order to keep your kids calm, collected and all kinds of cool, it is a goodvibe to perceive the whole experience from the perspective of your child and their age and acumen.

Air travel with a little baby is quite easy, I found. Babies eat. sleep and poop. I was the source of nourishment for my little guy and the preflight and flight with a 6-week old proved easy vibes.

At 1 year old when I flew to Mexico to Ontario, it was a different story. It proves quite the task to keep an inquisitive, curious, high energy and rambunctious ginger hair boy to remain seated for a 5-hour term without infringing on his free will and rights.

We made it through, and I did my very best, had a few talking tos about not getting up during the seat belt sign and using as much space I could to allow him to be able to move about.

If you can arrange it that your toddlers nap time is in sync with the flight times, then that is a wise idea to organize your trip with the least disruption as possible to your child’s regulated schedule.

If you do not keep a schedule for your little ones, it may be of us for you to know that delineated and clear schedules allow a child to thrive.

It enables the child to feel secure about knowing what is coming up and empower the child to feel secure in predictable schedule.

So much is so new and kids are learning what the world around them is all about.

If, in their home life, they have a regulated and predictable schedule, then they learn to know what to expect and then can be empowered in understanding and knowing what is to come.

Having a schedule is a good vibe too as it allows you design your travel times in harmony with your kids natural rhythms

. If you can get a flight that corresponds with a 2-hour nap, then you have a good portion of chill time in the confines of the airplane.

I am an advocate for reduced screen time for kids in parenting.

Screen free is ideal but not very practical in today’s world, but still achievable. You model what is deemed appropriate and if you are offline, then you model a connected relationship to the natural world, then that is definitely a thrive vibe.

People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and when of this Earth, Stephen Hawking, Madame Curie, Albert Einstein and a vast amount more were all minds that were cultivated off-screen and look at the results those brains provided for our world.

You get your kids looking at flat screen, that is exactly what their brainscapes will become – flat.

An increase in anxiety, attention deficit and issues with emotional regulation are synonymous with excessive screen time.

Time To Fly

time to fly smooth


The one exception we make to screen time over 15 minutes are flights.

A two-hour movie that I watch WITH my child and engage in the content WITH my child and talk about or explain any aspects of the viewing that my need guidance or understanding.

Children are very impressionable little creatures.

Visuals and events that they see on a screen can inspire in them feelings and even memories of trauma depending upon what content they are viewing.

A good portion of the cartoons made today, promote physical violence as a normal part of interacting.

Being mindful about the content you allow your children to watch is a powerful gift you are able to bestow upon the emotional and physical regulation of your child.

It is important that your kids have an understanding of what they are absorbing.

Their brains, bodies and perceptions are not those of us, the adults, so, naturally, they will absorb and respond to such content in a differing and less empowered way.

As the kids get a little older, travel can prove a whole lot of fun.

When the three of us toured back to Mexico for the first time after we had moved and settled back into BC, our boy was five years old and he had so much fun.

Next week we will be taking off to Costa Rica and I am going over in my mind the preparatory aspects for myself and that of my son and the first thing that pops into my mind is Lego.

Lego Is Awesome & Lego Is Easy


tangible and imaginative

A bag of Lego, in a tin is the best approach in my humble opinion. I am planning to buy 4 small Lego builds, not too expensive, but new and fun for the little man.

We have 2 legs on the way down and one leg on the way back for the boys as I will remain for another week.

First and foremost, kids love new stuff and when you already gift them with an awesome travel adventure then these little surprise gifts sprinkled throughout the experience of travel is a fun and supportive way to keep your child’s interest and ensure they are kept occupied during the flight, or also pre boarding.

Lego has sweet little builds for economical prices and the investment pays off huge with the investment of focus, time and attention your young child can engage upon.

Will help them sit still and a great opportunity to connect with your child and help them and give them opportunities to teach you and show you how to do some of it.

It Empowers Their Sense Of Self & It Allows You To Consciously Connect & Support Your Child.


Once you get them started too, and depending upon their age and acumen, Lego can prove to entertain for quite a good portion of time and give you some space to read or just be chill for a time.


travel games screefree

Travel Sized Connect Four Is Awesome.


It is handy and it is easy to carry and it is all kinds of fun and silliness with your little one(s).

For kids that are little older than the toddler scene, this is great for deciphering shape, colour and proprioception as well as counting, patterns and being introduced to thoughtfulness in the application of where they may want to put their pieces.

One thing I have learned as a parent who was left to her own devices as a child,

Playing Card Games


playing card games

Card games are vast and made to accommodate young kids.

My dudes made up a game themselves called “Slap Slap” where they each have an equal stack of cards turned face down and at the same time they turn over their cards and slap their hands upon them.

When the hand lifts, whoever has the highest card, wins the cards.

If the cards are of the same value, then they slap down another two cards and the highest card takes them all.

The person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.



Remember the vibe of books?

Books are encouraged.


books empower brains My Mum instilled in me the value of reading and the understanding that the more that you know, the further you go and I have to say, that due to my success in investment in reading, I am writing from a state of being of coherence, clarity and empowerment.

Books are wonderful.

They are tangible items filled with endless possibilities and ideas for the imagination.


I model reading to my child and as a result he takes it upon himself to read too.

The library gives off great scores at 25 cents for a used book and my little dude loves to peruse the different categories and buy his own little library.

Taking small books on a trip for a little one or chapter books for kids a little older is a great way to promote coherent brain activity and enhances your child’s development exponentially.

Colouring Books and Colouring Crayons with Music.


One super good way to enhance the travel experience for everyone involved is to bring along a device to play some good feel music.

My little dude loves to listen to music and although I don’t want him belting out his singing tunes in the middle of an airplane, when you immerse a young child with the good feels of some melodic music and put them to task with some somatic exercises like drawing and colouring then you welcome a space of serenity and focus.

Binaural beats are especially effective of rambunctious kids who don’t care much to sit still.

Last but not least…



good feels of cinema

Although I am a pretty determined screen free parent, I understand that life is a happy play of balance.

I check out the Netflix and the content and I take suggestions from my little dude based on his reactions to the cover artwork and I will allow him to watch a movie.

Any cartoons I watch I make sure if there is any violence displayed that I note how inappropriate that kind of approach is.

When it comes to hate or abuse to another being, in jest, in cartoon, whatever, it is not a vibe that thrives nor one I want to normalize or promote to my child’s consciousness.

I don’t let him buy weapons as toys, except water guns during the hot summer in which I make it very clear we are shooting love vibes to one another and being respectful not to shoot each other in the face.

Bringing awareness and attention to appropriate human behaviour is massively empowering and rewarding to the child, but also to the adult whom that child is to become.

peace is the way

Movies are a goodvibe on the airplane because it takes a good 2-hour chunk out of your time span to keep a young child sitting and chillan in seat.

Combine that with a nap and the remainder games above, and you have a solid space filled with good activities that make your flight literally fly by.

movies for kids balance

Making individual snack packs that a young boy or girl can keep for themselves in their hand luggage allows them to feel like they have authority in their travel.

Take a look at all the items that you carry in your hand luggage and then making a mini pack for your little peeps gives them empowerment.

They are on an adventure and they have their gear!!

i love this cutie so much

A super good vibe to encompass that takes a little of investment and preparation but that enables a fun filled, activity packed journey where you won’t need to be grasping at the phone or iPad to keep your child occupied.

This can prove to work against you as too much screen time affects emotional and psychological regulation.

If you want your trip to be chill, peaceful and with solid transitions, keeping the screen time to a minimum is a supportive vibe for such an intent.

Safe & Happy Travels – The World is Yours To Explore