Killin It With Kale



After tripping with our travel education into the Blue and expansive zone of Nosara Costa Rica and back to the hustle and bustle that is daily life. To maintain a vibrant feel, we are killin it with kale.  Pure green goodness.

One thing you learn about when you travel to remote areas of the world is to do wthout the convieineces and comforts of home. It allows you stretch yourself and see wht you are made of.

We had to make a few substitutes here and there and then I realized, that we can dial in a good amount of vartiety when it comes ot nourishing and optimizing our own health and that of our children(s).   travel education is the bomb

As December infuses an energy of gift giving and holiday feels, we are gifted the opportunities to make choices that may prove to help or hinder your expansion forward.

For This Post We Will be focusing on how we can be killin’ it with kale.

When I was introduced to kale I thought it was just another health fad and quite honestly it looked like more of a crafting material then it did a super food.

We here at smoothpoops dig a smooth vibe so we like to engage in experiential knowledge before we make an accurate assessment of what works 4 this crew.the good feels of kale

The Truth About the Kale


Let’s take the name KALE and acronym it to suit our needs.

We like to ride the vibe of “you are always right” which means that how you label things in your life, how you frame your experiences and beliefs are super influential on your outcomes.

It is quantum law, so even though you don’t need to be a quantum scientist or have the acumen of understanding that a quantum scientist to apply the knowledge and understanding of this principle, you are able to.

Good & Elevated Living Is Very Simple.

When you speak kindly about yourself and your desired outcomes, rather than dwell in your problems and the presence of them, this simple shift is exponential to the outcomes that you generate in your life experience.

Adopt an attitude of “everything is working out for me as I say it is so” and see how incredibly powerful this simple shift in your mindset can be to your life’s outcomes.

May seem too easy to the efforting people of this world but it really boils down to how you govern your focus, which in turn, is the cultivation and governance of your own free will.

gift kale to your kids





K Is For Killin’ It!!


Kale is killin’ it in the nutrient department.

This super food that derives from the beautiful Earth upon which we all inhabit is loaded with the goodfeels of fibre and advantageous, health enhancing and supportive nutrients for your human biologies and especially, that of your child(ren)

Minerals and beta carotene are infused within this natural consumable and as a result provides a level up in the chemistry that is your body.

We are electrical beings, and the manner in which our electricity within thrives is through the goodfeels of potassium, a mineral that maintains our electrical gradients in our cells.

green leafy nutrient denseOur cells are impacted by the foods we eat, the thoughts we perpetually think, the language in which we frame our experiences within and the kind of diet and exercise we entertain for and within our physical bodies.

Our mental health is directly correlated to our physical health and vice versa.

If you have ailments, sores, disabilities or anything that is not indicative of a thrive vibe, then the energy in your body is misaligned.

One of the manners in which a person can realign their energy is by way of a disciplined diet of high vibrations.

A Is For Awesome


If spinach doesn’t ride a goodvibe with a handy and useful muscle test, then this awesome substitute will leave your little ones vibrating with the green goodfeels that kale provides a human bio system.

It is one of the most nutrient dense green leafy vegetables this world has to offer which makes it all kinds of awesome.

It is oozing with the solid feels of calcium, which is a superior vibe for the health and wellness of growing bones and teeth. vibrant natural colourful foods

L Is For Liquid Gold


If Spinach or kale are a good feel for your little one but you have a resistant vibe to eating the green goodness, then turning this leafy goodness into liquid gold is a remedy that will serve all.

When you combine it with the sweet fruits and honey, the desire to ingest it becomes a natural go-to.

A good portion of kids will not touch kale with a ten-foot pole.

This could be because their systems have been born and bred on more unnatural and processed energetically charged foods that natural, healthy, vibrant and nutrient dense food can seem like a foreign food altogether.

Introducing the kale vibe in the form of liquid to, at first, acclimate the cells of your kids bodies with what real, natural food does, can be a beautiful way to transition from a disempoweirng dietary habit (fried fast food, carbonated, sugary beverages and products loaded with sugar to a more elevated and natural one.

Smoothpoops Win!

The antioxidants that are present in this nutrient dense food that counteract the oxidization in your body that can lead to degeneration in your body’s cellular structure.

Maintaining a healthy regimen of natural vibrant foods from the Earth, one being Kale, is a massive health win to your human biologym and that of your little one(s)

setting a solid foundation

E We Will Tag With Elevation


A consistent of leafy natural and organic greens elevates the system in which you inhabit.

 The nutrients, the anti oxidants, the saturated green colour makes this super food a respected and valued contender in the fieldo items we want to bepromoting in our daily heat habits.

If The Spinach Vibe Isn’t Available 2 U 4 Whatever The Reason May Be, Then The Happy Substitute Of Kale Can Be A Game Changer & A Simple Way 2 Infuse The Expanded Good Feels Of Nutrition Up Into The Systems Of Your Little Human(s).