The Benefits of Mangoes – Vibrant Kids



Mangoes are vibrant like your kids in that they are full of naturally high vibrational energy. Mangoes as a source of fibre are a big win for us in terms of our purposes of keeping our little ones regularity optimal.

Not only are mangoes super tasty and delicious to consume, but they are full of powerful and supportive nutrients as well as compounds that improve the micro flora in the gut.

This is a result of the high fiber content in mangoes and the varying types of fiber content that our little people need in order to maximize the optimization of their natural and divinely designed gastrointestinal systems.

mangoes for constipation relief

Mangoes For Supportive Health


Mangoes are high in fibre and also oozing with the goodfeels in terms of vitamins. This beautifully and naturally designed fruit from the Earth are sourced with vitamins A, C and E. Contained within you will also be reaping the benefits of folate, B6, iron, calcium and zinc.

Vitamin A is a very good vibe for our little ones – it is a co-creative supportive entity that aids in the formation and optimal maintenance of bones, teeth, soft tissues, white blood cells, mucus membranes and the immune system.

Vitamin C is all kinds of good vibrations too. It is an aid in forming blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen as well as maintaining good health in a number of tissues within the body – included in this is the super soft beautiful skin of your little people. My other site has some good content in terms of the importance of our brains.

mangoes as a source of fibre


Our nervous system that keeps our systems in a state of homeostasis are linked to the neurotransmitters within it. Vitamin C provides these signaling chemicals and are a huge win for the operating system in our skulls!

Transportation and breakdowns of fatty acids in the body of a child generates energy through a chemical call Carnitine of which Vitamin C also contributes in the formation of certain neurotransmitters and the biosynthesis of collagen which is an essential component in the enhancement of connective tissue.

Connective tissues are a mechanism that aids in the role of healing wounds. Vitamin C also helps you absorb iron and is a water-soluble vitamin that gives a sweet boos to your immune system.

Mangoes have protective effects for the gastro intestinal system in that it offers both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the digestive system which is exactly what we like up here in the smoothpoops scenery.

naturally colourful and vibrant mango


This stone fruit is a surefire win in terms of dialing in some serious good feels of health and digestive support. As with anything in life, balance is key!

Recommended daily intakes should be monitored to adhere to a balanced prescription of the ingredients so that your child remains optimal in health and expands into and adult that has been grown on the natural gifts of the fruits, seeds and water this Earth so kindly provides us with.

mangoes are healthy and full of flavour