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Vibrant and healthy is a state of being children are innately created for.

Our bodies, fundamentally as humans, are divinely designed to thrive.

It is intrinsic to our species and the flow of life.  

The prescription of PEG as an alternative for constipation in children is normalized as supporting optimal health by the mainstream medical community.

When in fact, it disempowers a child’s divinely designed system, weakening the fundamental foundation on which the child’s overall gastrointestinal health is built.

Peg is Profitable and a bandaid solution, but not a remedy and humanely method to support a young developing human intelligence system.

These are the statements that I found when I asked a few questions and made a few inquiries about the safety and efficacy of PEG as an alternative to my child’s health:

peg effects in children

As a conscious and invested co-parent, my priority as a Mama Bear is to give our child the foundations in mind and body that yield  stability and empowerment with the intent to give him the tools to survive and thrive in this world.

As an alternative to the disempowering application of laxatives in a developing and growing body, (especially prescribed treatments where the product itself has not conclusively shown its detrimental effects on children) I created a smoothie combo that enabled my little man to regain his regularity in a healthy and natural manner.


I have implemented a prescription of healthy smoothies chalk full of vibrant foods, seeds from the earth and the natural element of water to enhance, optimize and regulate my little man’s gastrointestinal health.

Combined with regular physical exercise, a good amount of water consumption, and a positive mental attitude, your child will be thriving and when nature calls, She won’t put you on hold. That call will get answered!

Taking good care of our physiological health and that of our little ones is a worthwhile investment and doing so is actually really really simple.

Knowledge is Power. 

Dive into the content here to dial in a healthy and empowering manner in which to dial in your child’s bowel regularity to their advantage and empowerment.


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