Promoting Mental Wellness For Kids



The Normalizations That Humans Are Engaging Today Imparts A Mental Health Deficit of The Most Magnified Kind.


 The Question Arises If We, As Adults, Are Indeed Promoting Mental Wellness For Kids.


An inordinate mental health deficit is being imposed that is being exacerbated through ignorance and fear. I will acknowledge that virus is a truth and exists in the world in which we humans live today. It is a natural and intrinsic aspect of human biological life here on planet Earth.

When did we become so separated from the naturalness of good living and dignified investment of life and to the dignity and respect of ourselves and our planet?

The mental health and wellness of indoctrinated society is giving off the vibration of a very low feel.  It may be all very well and good for the industries in the hierarchical arrangement of those whom are in receivership of the profits from such normalizations.

Investing in continued education and inquiry of truth outside the mainstream low level of consciousness thinking is an empowerment thrive for one’s mental health.  Believing in potentials and solutions outside of fear of death and victimized. 

It is a really beautiful endeavour for people to be aware of and use the mechanics of metaphysics into recognizing how creatively powerful we as humans really are. It also enables a human to be consciously aware of our own choices, actions, and behaviours that enable us to live the lives we cultivate in our experience.

Promoting mental wellness for kids means that us, as adults, are in fact being adults aligned in a healthy state of mind focus. 
Promoting mental health for kids with scrabble

An adult is supposed to be someone who can exercise good reason and rationality in their own governance.

Being able to understand your role as an ambassador to new life and the impact and responsibility that truly befalls that kind of influence and power. This takes an investment into the Self and the identity of which you inhabit. 

The rationalization of living in an approach to life with a delineated focus on fear of death has put an inordinate and unnecessary amount of psychological stress on the development of the children of today. The conscious awareness of adults in assessing this Truth of their influence is paramount to shifting to a more empowered way of being in the world. 

Worry less and promote mental wellness for kids


Children Are Naturally, Beautiful, Expanding Energetic Marvels. 

The brain states that children occupy are far more dynamic and sponge-like than any adult that is rearing them. To harness the development of children understanding this truth is a massive advantage to elevating the youth of today.

Children are the very representation of evolution and expansion, and yet here they are in a world that has an unhealthy and inordinate mental focus on viral death.  

The  naturalness of children and this inordinate mental focus on their lives being threatened is one of the biggest contradictions adults are imparting upon them in life today. 


Do as i say and promote mental wellness for kids

The incongruence of the ideal of Do As I Say Not As I Do is a humans laziness to taking self responsiblity. 

Again, I do not deny that deadly virus exists in the experience of humanity. I have had family members that have had it and subsequently recovered from it. The reason they recovered so quickly from it was the manner in which they led their mental focus about its transmutation out of their systems.

It is the methods and attitudes in which it is being handled that is perpetuating it and leading to a great demise in the spirit and lives of todays humanity.

There are so many infinite potentials and realizations that are an axiom to the metaphysical aspect of our physical existence that the average human being would do well to educate themselves upon.

Quantum physics shows us that the focus one puts on anything, will expand that which is focused upon. This is the power we as humans are gifted.

OUR ATTENTION.Stop to promote mental wellness to kids

The people who are in charge of the public health mandates would do well to observe these laws of nature, however with all the evidence that is available, it is obvious it all comes down to profits and politics.

The separation of our species from our own humanity and the practices of which we tolerate in first world living is stranger than the most disturbing and complex science fiction.

Conditioning masks upon young children as opposed to teaching them how to honour the dignity of their bodies life source of oxygen and the formidable healing powers and capabilities of the breath force.

Without breath you die in 3 minutes. How can you LOGICALLY support the masking of one’s airways as a health measure knowing, living, and experiencing this BIOLOGICAL FACT. Unless of course, you have no tangible connection to your own breath and are happy to exist at a normalized stress state unconsciously.

Everyone is happy to buy into the public health mandates, not even bothering to question the logic of it all or even question the rights to sovereignty over the management of their own biologies.

A life can be lived very fruitfully and healthily with the right education. Even with a deadly virus on the loose. 

Mindfulness in living

People are happy to travel to the beautiful destinations the United States of Americaoffers not even batting an eyelid that the amendment rights they all so fervently believe in and abide by has caused more destruction to the lives of humanity than most historical tragedies have recorded in the history of humanity’s evolution.

What Kind of Education is Living in Fear of Death? 

How about you live in faith of life and jump on that bandwagon?

This kind of mental attitudes would very much serve humanity, but again, that would not serve the end profit margin of those implementing such practices.


The Most Radical Vibe You Can Instill in a Child for Their Optimal Mental Health is Their Worth, Their Value and Their Right to Life, Free Will of Choice and An Infinite Amount of Love in Thoughts, Words, Emotions and, Especially Deeds/Actions.

Engaging learning of value and focusing on the positive aspects of life and the potentials one can create are all avenues to which are inherently natural to a child and their optimal biology.

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It is not the job of a child to carry the weight of death on their shoulders during their formative years of development.

Instead, empowering their mental and biological health by equipping them with self esteem and self management tools, empowering them with knowledge of self care and expansion, demonstrating to them principles of a quantum model that enables them to have complete creative and deliberate control over the entirety of their life experience.

This is Mental Wellness for Kids.

In order for our humanity to survive and our humanity to thrive, there has to be a complete shift in the consciousness of the manner in which society is governed.

Power and control are omnipresent at the peril of human lives.

There is another way and it does not involve psychological terrorism upon young beautiful and developing children.

Empower your kids with knowledge of the Self.  How to maximize THEMSELVES.  The relationship they keep within themselves and in balance with the world around them.

Empower your kids with self-esteem tools and self-regulation tools

Practice them WITH them.

Tie into love

You yourself as a parent or educator take ownership of your own state of conscious awareness.

Out of the analytical mind that stews itself in the Egoic pursuits of achievements but into the conscious mind that is connected to the inherent humanity and well-being of our connectedness and formidabilties as our own systems of intelligence.

Let kids be who they are. Free and unencumbered from indoctrinated expectations rooted in the stress of competition and comparison and instead into acceptance, creativity and autonomous governance of one’s own imaginings and ideas. The condition in which you harness a young child’s impressions in the world is pivotal to the kind of world that is created ahead of us.

Habits promote mental wellness for kids

Demonstrate empowering habits using uplifting language, keeping a positive mental focus on possibility and life.

Maintain and teach personal boundaries. 

Take ownership and inquiry into your own emotional intelligence and MODEL THAT BEHAVIOUR.

Being a mature and self invested expanding human means that you do what you say you will do and you are in alignment. Your actions match that which you intend. If you are in a program of dictates by someone else’s beliefs but it has you engaging in normalized practices of child abuse, then you have the free will right to question the authority that imposes such dictates upon you.

No one has life figured out but you can equip yourself with a model of being in the world that makes you consciously aware and empowered within it.

The biggest flex you can give your kids to promote and support their healthy minds, is to teach them the difference between being victimized to circumstances around you or being empowered and esteemed within to create the surrounding circumstances.

Check Yourself, Your Actions and Your Belief Systems.

Are they aligned with promoting mental wellness for kids?

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