Regulation of the Body – Regulation of the Brain – How the Energy of Screens Impact You and Your Child(ren)

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The energy that we circulate through our bodies by way of chakras and meridians is always in motion.

When we sleep, our bodies are still working in motion to heal, realign, reset and nurture.

When we are awake, our heart beats, our organs function and our brains and hearts are in constant movement.

Your human body is its own intelligence.

awake in the world

Once you are able to fully digest this fun fact of your life, then you can begin to work with the infinite intelligence that is inherent in each and every living human system.

How ultimately cool is that?

Regulation of the body and regulation of the brain are pursuits that will allow us to have greater clarity and well-being in our everyday lives.

Being conscious and aware about the amount of screen time you and your child(ren) are exposed to can shift many aspects of the energy you keep in your life, and ultimately, the kind of life energy you cultivate and recycle in your experience.

Energy is Everything

Our systems are naturally designed to be optimal and to heed its natural intelligence.

If you are unsure about what the body’s energy and what its natural intelligence is exactly, then a simple way to think about it is to  gauge energy by how you feel and your ability to process and function in your everyday tasks.

Sluggish, tired, unmotivated, energetic, vibrant, enthusiastic….are all words that describe the kind of energy you are keeping in your body.

use your energy

When you are tired and sluggish, then your energy is depleted.

When you are vibrant, youthful and full of life, your energy is circulating freely.

There is energy we have in our bodies and energy in the Universe in which we live.

There is an energetic resonance of the Earth upon which we live too. Electricity, food, thoughts, emotions and pretty much anything else that exists in this inclusive and infinite universe is made up of energy.

Energy frequency can be measured in Hertz.

Hz denotes the amount of cycles per second.

Cell phones contain a frequency of 60hz, a frequency that is not found in the natural world around us. It stands to reason then, that an abundant use of cell phones to entertain a human brain and body is not aligned with our natural tendencies to thrive and live optimally.

Our society too, is formulated in a manner that depletes our energy.

The demands of living in the rat race, which is where a good portion of peoples energies are directed is an avenue in which many waves of vibration and frequency of energy are directed at us and to us, but are not for our benefit.

I do think, however,  it is of good value to acknowledge the technological advancements of today.

They are a marvel.

The things that people are discovering, inventing and exploring in terms of our technological capabilities is phenomenal. It is a very exciting and interesting time to be alive.

There is a by product of this marvel that permeates society to those who may have very minimal awareness of the habits that they keep that can prove to be exponentially harmful to them yet are oblivious to.

The biggest culprit that falls into this category is the electromagnetic screen – also known as the phone, the tablet or the computer.screen kids are influenced easily

With the combo of societies imposition on directed dictates of behaviour geared towards stress and then throw in the seemingly harmless (but actually proving to be detrimental) technology and there is no way your body has the resources of energy to be healthy let alone heal to get healthy.

As I stated above, the body has its own intelligence.

screen free pursuits

You can dispute this all you want by way of no connectivity to your own relationship or investment into the one your carry but you cannot deny that you have beating heart and a digestive system that is in constant communication and movement without your having to do a single thing for those systems to be operating.

Our beautiful bodies are a series of interlocking networks of communication.

Your body speaks to you if it is misaligned.

the body speaks in colour

The way this manifested for me, was a spinal injury, seemingly, to me, out of nowhere, but the truth was I was in such a deep state of stress that my body began to literally began to break my spine as an indication to me that it was time for me to relax, reset and figure out how I weaved my technology into such a disempowering state .

Two years later, completely healed, surgery and narcotic free by way of meditation and intention and through this experience I have come to learn that we most certainly are the governors of our bodies and the choices we make in all areas of our lives will determine how our bodies intelligence proves to operate for our highest good.

Any ailment is a method for your body to communicate to you that its natural level of divine intelligence is being hindered some way, somehow by the choices you are making for it.

95 percent of all disease is stress related. (Lipton 1998) so that means that only 5 percent of the population is hindered by something out of their conscious control.

95percent of the population that is ill, can be healed with their own bodies intelligence – its just that we weren’t’ told this or taught this because it is….free.

free energy available

Having an awareness and knowledge base of energy practices that can prove to maintain your well-being at the core and source of it.

Any kind of blockages in your energy stream systems will yield destructive results, so keeping the biochemistry and biophysics of our systems optimal is extremely empowering and uplifting to harness.

Here’s where the screen discussion comes in 🙂


Cell Phones & Children

Here is some fact based knowledge about cell phones and the energy they emit.

emf cell phone information

Here is a link to Christine Schaffners site in which she has a conversation about the impact of cell phones on the system with Nick Pineault about his book, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology. There is a podcast there and it is wonderfully insightful. If such topics are not of your liking then that’s cool.

Here are some simple fun facts you can absorb to decide for yourself what the healthiest route is for you and your beautiful children to live and thrive in this life.

This site here has some really dialled in info graphics that inform about the statistics of screen usage.

Information and knowledge from good and reliable sources is a tool of empowerment.

You outfit yourself with a good amount of knowledge about a good amount of topics pertaining to your well-being and that of your kids

The cell phone radiation frequencies are not found in nature.

cellphone usage in nature

The frequencies of our bodies were created to harmonize with nature, and yet the majority of the collective have their noses in a cell phone.

I witness it daily in my experience.

I had to teach my seven year old son how to confront a grown adult who was impeding his ability to get through a crosswalk in a secure manner due to her face being occupied in her cellphone screen and not paying attention to where she was going.

That’s nuts to me that I have to coach my kid to be assertive with grown humans about the appropriateness of their behaviour.

I saw a man yesterday at the mall and he had his son, probably 6 or 7 next to him wanting his Papa’s attention to show him his favourite stuffy and what he could do with it and the dude didn’t even look up from his phone and said, yeah, that’s nice and then proceeded to walk ahead of his kid, still looking at his phone.

This is an Awareness Point.

Think About How Ridiculous That Is.

The draw of the screen is more powerful than the connectivity of your own self-made human?

this baby is happy

It’s insanity, but yet, it is widely accepted as appropriate because of the budding age of technology in which we presently live?

That’s a weird vibe and all the more reason to practice conscious awareness of our own habits and behaviours when it comes to how we govern ourselves with our technologies for ourselves, but especially what we are modeling to our children.

If your kids are demonstrating behavioural problems, attention deficit issues, anxiety and hyperactivity or deregulation of their emotional systems and lack of willingness to participate in anything – then I would take a long hard look at how much time your children spend in the natural world versus how much time they are existing in the digital world.

Conscious awareness of the energy you keep in your home when it comes to screens and the content and value that you offer your children is imperative to their overall health and well-being.

A child who is consistently playing games that are woven with war, fighting and violence in opposing forces will absorb this into their psychologies but can also have an autonomic response to perceived threat and danger, even if it is virtual.

The nervous system plays a huge role in our ability to function and regulate our systems optimally. The digestive mechanisms being included in that for our purposes here at smoothpoops.

Everything is connected.

The manner in which you govern your children will determine the kind of people they turn out to be.

Their natures and free will are uniquely their own, just as you are in your methods of nurturing them.

finding the balance in you

Finding a Balance to Optimize Life

Balance is the key to good living.

Balance is what nature strives for. We are meant to live in harmony with our planet. Creating balance in all areas of our lives is wherein our empowerment lies.

I am a parent and I am an advocate for minimal to no screens in parenting and tangible, connected engagement that allows ALL of our senses to develop and flourish.

The reason I am an advocate for this, is because of all the research and information I have absorbed, it seems like just the right thing to do for my child’s neural development.

Emotional regulation, attention and focus, verbal and social skills and aptitude for learning and handling life’s challenges are all aspects of our brains functioning that determine how we are in the world and how the outcomes in our world unfold due to our participation in their creation.

pile of love rocks

You are the ambassadors of your life.

If you feel like life is something outside of your control, then check out the content at the GVL that will prove to dispel these myths that you have welcomed as your belief system.

You are the ambassador to your experience and it is you that lays the foundation and groundwork for your the kid(s) you are raising.

Offline activities like reading, crafting, dancing, singing, scooting, biking, puzzles, board games, household tasks and chores or just plain being outside in nature are all methods that you can engage your child off screen.

The only reason you may have resistance or problematic issues with your child over the use of their screen time is because you have let it be that way. You need not be swayed by what is socially popular or acceptable to choose how you guide and are an ambassador to your kids.

Our kid gets maybe 15 minutes of screentime in a day, if that.

He has been led to activities such as drawing, reading, journal writing, craft making, lego buidling, story writing, imaginative play or sports activities in the outdoors.

There is no end to what we as humans can entertain ourselves with in the life of ours, and an over consumption of screen use does not yield a vibe that is even close to what we can achieve in terms of our capacities.

It is ironic that we created the technology only now to be at its mercy.

Refuse to become a person who lets the bad habits of the world dictate your quality of life and create your vibe based on self-respecting and self nurturing habits of your own. If anyone takes a step back and is able to see the bigger picture of what is happening, anyone can see that our society is setup for us to experience a good amount of stress.

To Reduce the Impact of the Cell Phone and Its Radiation to Your Energetic System, Here Are a Few Tips


Airplane Mode

In this mode on your phone is a good feel to become your best friend.

Turning your phone completely off, or alternatively setting it to airplane mode means that it ceases to emit the microwave frequencies that are inherent in your cellular device.

conscious parenting life hack

Leaving the device on, yet unattended is still making and energetic impact on your body’s energetic system as it searches for a cellular network, a wi-fi network or bluetooth device.

If you keep your phone on and in your pocket all day, you are opening yourself up to all kinds of harmful frequencies.

Airplane mode is a good bet as it tends to disable the wi-fi and bluetooth devices on your phone.

Turn off or Airplane Mode – make it a habit and you may notice a shift in the manner in which your energy body performs.


Limit The Amount of Calls & Keep It A Distance From Your Head

If you are able to communicate without consistently putting the radioactivity near your brain by way of putting the phone to your ear, then you are gifting yoursefl a serious level up for your neural networks and demonstrating the powers within you to find creative and alternative ways to communicaiton and connect.

More time on a phone is more opportunity for disease.

You decide how important your phonecall are done on a ceel phone versus done on a landline (does anyone even have those anymore?) compared to your overal physiological health and well-being. keep ear buds in your phone

A landline is a vintage vibe in today’s modern world but that does not mean we can’t get creative with our conscious awareness of how this radiation is impacting our energetic systems.

When you do make your calls, put it on speaker and hold it a good distance from your head so the drop off radiation isn’t going directly into your brain or opt for some headphones so the phone agian, is a good distance from your head and face.

Your bio field extends beyond you. Keeping your energy clear of unnatural and harmful radiaiton is something we endorse at hospitals for xrays, so I am not really sure why it wouldn’t be widely accepted once people figure out what these phones are really doing to our systems and the manner in which we regulate ourselves.

Shutdown During Sleep

Studies have shown that radiation from cell phones preturbs the production of hormones in the human biology and while you sleep, it is your hormones that dot the work to rest, reset, recalibrate – basically recovery for your system while you slumber.power off your devices

Having a screen near or even in your bed has the impact of upsetting your natural sleep biorhythms but not only that, it attacks your immune system.

That’s a vibe that doesn’t thrive for you or your developing child.


Use Optimal Receptivity Only

When you have a strong signal on your phone, then the emissions of radiation are fewer.

When you are in a secluded or out of reach area and your phone signal is super low, then you increase your risk tenfold because the devices ramp up their radioactivity and emit a stronger frequency to ensure you can get what you need dialled in, dialed in.

Being Aware & Conscious of the Kind of Energy Your Children Absorb is Key to Their Health and Well Being.

To regulate their systems effectively they need to have a good working brain and body. The body is an intelligence and it thrives very simple – by being nurtured and treated kindly.

Natural fresh foods, fresh clean drinking water and motion connected to the natural world around us.

Simple Yet Profoundly Powerful.

These are the goodfeels and all of these aspects to optimize ourselves requires no need for any kind of technology except that of which is naturally designed within us.

It would be an insanity plea to get people to go offline. It is the age in which we live and as stated earlier, an exciting time to be alive.

It would be of good due dilligence, however, for us to be able to enjoy our lives in good, if not top, form by making conscious choices and empowering decisions when it comes to the neural & physical health of developing children. 



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18 thoughts on “Regulation of the Body – Regulation of the Brain – How the Energy of Screens Impact You and Your Child(ren)

  1. I agree with you totally that cell phones and technology in general is having a negative impact on our society and our ability to connect with other humans. Unfortunately, do you see a reversal of our dependance on these objects? I hope we as a society figure that out. I didn’t think about airplane mode as a way to stop the radiation coming through, that’s useful knowledge. Thank you for the post, it definitely gets me thinking! 

    1. Hi Travis!

      I love to get people thinking so am pleased the post inspired some curiosity and inquisitiveness for you and your life experience. 

      It’s a weird vibe to me how disconnected some are from the natural world around them but then without that, there would be no reason to advocate all this wonderful content and yes, I have witnessed a good portion of disconnected activity in the humanity department because of over connectivity to a technological device.  

      Again, it goes to the user.  

      We choose our own behaviours and habits and we model them.  

      Do you have technology or does technology have you? Is a question we would all be wise to ask ourselves.

      An engaging comment indeed and I thank you!


  2. I absolutely agree – the body is amazing and it has a built in intelligence that knows exactly how to heal itself; we only need to give it the right tools to do so! What an excellently interesting article! Taking care to keep the body’s natural energetic motion (or revert back to it) is one of the single most important things we can do for ourselves though I find most people do not consciously think about it. 

    I believe creating balance with all things in life is so important, including screen time. I realise some of us have to use computers and other tools in order to bring in an income but in that case it makes all the more sense to limit screen time during the down hours, especially when we have little people in our lives that demand our attention. I see the opposite far too often (like your mall example) and it appalls me. Thanks for bringing this issue to the surface and shining a light on it!!

    1. Thanks to you and your Light Shan!

      I appreciate your vibrant and supportive words and wish you a most prosperous journey ahead!


  3. Wow, this is really an eye opener on the effects of screens on your body or in particular your brain. The way you write it and specifically for kids, I tend to agree to keep them from seeing too much screen. You have mostly talked about cell phones, but do laptops and desk tops have the same effects? And how dangerous are these screens to adults? I also trust that you have done your research and that there is some scientific evidence of these radiation problems, because if really true, then we should all heed your advice and suggestions. Thanks for this warning.

    1. Hey Jerry,

      Thank you for your comments.  The links and sources are provided in the post.  A happy balance of well being and use of technology is always advisable.  We are natural creatures in a natural world. 

      To immerse ourselves in the digital world for extended periods of time is nonsensical.  

      Research has been done, but even without research my common sense of humanity and connection to my own body knows that we were made to govern technology and not have technology govern us. Discernment of choice and strength of will can combat such issues, it rests in the hands of the individual.

      Much peace and prosperity to you!


  4. Hello,

    This is a very insightful article. I have learned a lot. I think it’s good to limit our children’s screen time. 

    I am glad you mentioned about switching off the mobile phone and using flight mode function. That is good tips for us as well as our children.

    I agree with you how our body sends us signals about our mental and physical health. I think we should all get some time off from technology as you have mentioned on this article. No matter how much we need to work with electronic devices throughout our working hours we can step away from them once we came home right? 🙂

  5. I agree technology is wonderful but as you have said, it has a darker side.

    I often see parents walking along ignoring their child or children who eventually give up trying to talk to the parent or parents. At the school they sit in their cars on their phones, yet again ignoring their child. 

    Those children grow up and the parents will then wonder why they don’t come to see them or want to talk to them. 

    People are obsessed with technology and feel more connected but they are missing out on vital family time and making connections with their own children and wider family.

    Children need fresh air and exercise, they need to play and parents should make the time to play with them. 

    I am a grandmother and helped bring up all 6 of my grandchildren, they always did crafts and yes we made a mess, painted, paper mache etc but they had fun. We have a large trampoline and I have always gone on it with them, its good exercise for me too.

    Children grow up so fast, its important to spend time with them, play, cook, be silly and laugh together, walk outside and enjoy nature.

    Thank you for this post, its a subject that is very important and not enough people seem to care that children have a proper childhood.

    1. Hi Linda!

      I appreciate your sharing your personal feelings and experience in regards to the topic of my post.  Sounds like you are quite the formidable woman to be raising 6 grandchildren and I am so pleased to hear that you are an advocate for empowering screen free pursuits.  The more we promote what works, the more we harness and energy of resolution to such ailments in our society.

      Thank you for your engaging comment and I wish you much peace and prosperity to you and your large family.


  6. That is intelligence indeed. It is amazing how many things are made up of energy. The energy in cellphones is something that we cannot completely live without. If only we could learn to regulate the use of artificial energies so that we do not suffer the effects. I think the best place to start is the appreciation of natural energies and what it can and was meant to do for our well being. If 95% of illnesses can be controlled by how we choose to live, then that is a big indicator that nature always wins. We still have  a long way to go in terms of limiting our digital interaction not only with adults, but children as well. Thank you for this informative article. 

  7. We have to admit that we are presently living in a highly technological and digital era, but it doesn’t mean that we have to rely most of our precious time on gadgets and other devices like cellphones. It’s true that it’s a necessity for almost everyone but I have to agree that keeping in touch with natural and essential things is more important. Cellphones and other gadgets wom’t relieve you from stress but a walk in a grass with a bare naked feet will make your body recharged and revitalize. A phone call could make you smile but a face to face interaction and hand holding can give you joy. 

    This post made me reflect on concious awareness. This will bring quality time for ourselves and family to devote our time in a much productive and healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, it wouldn’t be hard for us to adhere into few changes regarding the use of gadgets and phones. We have established zero gadgets on weekdays, unless for homework, and other school stuff. Anyway, turning off the phones during bedtime is one great step towards a healthier mind and body. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. It is actually beneficial not only for one’s healthy but also in terms of keeping a good family relationship.

    1. Hi MissusB!

      Your comment is infused with vibrance and I am sincerely appreciative of the resonance it provides in terms of the advocation and support of maintaining balance with our technology and how we govern our lives.  You are so spot on, too, about the benefit it has on family relationships. 

      Thanks to you girl and all the best!


  8. Thank you for your post. It is informative and educational. The energy surround us has such huge impact on our daily life and well-being.

    I particularly like your tips on how to reduce the impact of the cell phone and its radiation to our energetic system. Some of them are easy to implement, such as shutdown during sleep and use of airplane mode. By these simple procedure, it is possible to stop emitting the wave within the cellular device.

    With the 5G coming, the cell phone will emit stronger energy. It is prudent to protect ourselves by the tips you describe in your article.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. 

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I appreciate your responsiveness and conscious acknowledgement of taking care of your body’s energy and well being. A life well lived is one that is lived feeling vibrant and healthy in ones’ own skin and the elimination of EMF radiation is a wise habit to implement for your longevity.

      I appreciate your comment and wish you much peace and prosperity.


  9. This is a really lovely article, it is full of useful information to improve conscious parenting and even help the parents themselves know how to conduct around with the energy around them. It’s no lie that most parents are always so engrossed and glued to the screen, be it laptop or cellphone, this is very detrimental to their own health and it does not advocate good parenting skills too because they won’t be able to monitor the kids at that moment. Also, about headphones, it’s true that it Reduces the reduction that goes into our brain. 

    People should be aware that technology has its own advantages as well as it disadvantages and we should be cautious of them at all times. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s really interesting and informative. 

    1. Hi DreaJay!

      I appreciate your supportive words and I am happy you found value in the post.  I

      t is really empowering to be knowledgeable and to implement that knowledge into our experience. The more conscious parents, the better the world will end up becoming. 

       Kids are rad and if treated with respect and dignity in their formative growing years, can become impactful and successful adults.

      Solid vibes all around!

      Thank you for your comment!


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