Separation, Divorce & Infidelity -Be Yourself & Tell The Truth – Kids Already Know

Separation, Divorce & Infidelity

Be Yourself & Tell The Truth

Kids Already Know

Can you be yourself and tell the truth?

We as humans have been impacted to a great unnaturalness with the misguided and trauma resonant energy of perpetuating mindsets solely focused on our LIFEFORCE DEMISE.

This Justin: Life is Made To Be Expressed.

Shift happens

Life’s natural axiomatic fundamental energetic propulsion is that of HEALTH, EVOLUTION, GROWTH, CONNECTION and BREATHING FREELY.

What a novel idea.

LIFE.Universal Life

Many humans are unconscious to their own empowerment and sovereignty of autonomy of FREE WILL OF CHOICE to be purposefully creative in their choices about how their lives will roll forth.

The basic laws of physics demonstrate to us that infinity potentials and variability are fundamental to the structure of life.

It also very easily demonstrates to us the WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS.


Natural Order Forces Are Well To Be Acknowledged. In Nature, and in Humans.

love not war

There is a metaphysical mirror at play to every human beings physical experience yet this profoundly simple yet at the same time complex knowledge is elusive to upwards of 95percent of the human population and their acumen of intelligence of their own governance.

I do not deny that deadly virus is able to exist and perpetuate on this planet.

Virus is intrinsic to LIFE.

Where your empowerment lies is in the authenticity of naturalness and adhering to the natural laws of physics rather than the untethered laws rooted in false projections of human victimization.

I have experiential knowledge that you can enable LIFEFORCE energy in your life so that even if you are encumbered with a deadly virus, it need not take you out.

This is the POWER OF THE MIND and the implementation of higher learnings and consciousness not bred or taught in the mainstream modalities of mentalizing and life management.

To All The Humans Who Are Following The Dictates of the Mainstream:

How Is That Working Out For You?

As a parent of this incredibly connected and ethereal wonder that is my ginger gened indigold son

be yourself tell the truth

These are the events this little man and I have had to face and contend with.#nothatinjuststatin

Narcissistic misogynistic abuse from his father demonstrated in the manner of sleeping with other women while professing to be committed to our family’s success. His father agreeing to support of my CPTSD therapies for mine own repair, maintenance and well-being in the aftermath of toxic abuse disassociated trauma, loss of my brothers life from the events of violence and a life of sadistic child abuse, then followed by the demise of my father’s life, which my mother and eldest sister tried to deny because of our geographical separateness but was confirmed completely by the people who are in charge of managing the departed. My son’s father having awareness of these aspects of his mothers experience and then purposefully rescinding the therapies in an effort to gain power and control over her to maintain his own sense of false power.

None of that information above aligns at all with a perpetuation of the Natural Order Force of UNCONDTIONAL LOVE which is the fundamental creative energy of ALL CREATION. It instead compels it forth, resistantlly which goes against its natural fundamentally.

what up red

This kind of script of life is highly unnatural for a childs well being. And for me, .

Children are very astute and infused with the natural order intelligence of lifeforce they are gifted being new life generated in the most advanced time we have achieved here on the planet.

They are then conditioned into boxes of the parents and educations systems of which the structures of the world adhere to.

The world adheres to an order that has been predominantly masculine in its energetic momentum and fundamentally. Women are the breeders of these children and a most powerful influence over their emotional well-being.

A father’s role in a young childs life holds a great deal of weight given that men are deemed the protectors, providers and keepers of their family.

Each parent given their masculine and feminine proclivities of naturalness are the perfect love ideal for a child.

black and white

In a perfect world, all is aligned with unconditional love however given the human propulsion of survival mechanisms within the brain most humans are not in their own sovereign states of negativism that permeates their perceptions.

Children, Parenting and Self Esteem

Separation, Divorce & Infidelity – Why Being Honest With Yourself & Your Children Is A Clean Vibe

Be Yourself Tell The Truth

There are so many abandoned children in this world and many inner children in adults who have been neglected and abandoned in their most pivotal and growth inducing spaces.

This causes a deficit in the naturalness of ones own dignity to esteemed living.

These aspects of our own human evolution as parents to young and developing children can impact their states of condition and the integrity of health of which they are evolving.

natural forces evolution

The art of raising children is indeed a balancing act and an opportunity for us as parents to take full OWNERSHIP of how we are framing and projecting relational wealth to the little people whom we are so fortunate to guide.

As a Society We Must Insist That the Integrity of a Childs Emotional and Psychological Wellbeing Are At the Forefront of our Awareness in Terms of How We Convey and Delineate To Them Natural and Inspired Living.

In order to do this effectively we, as the parents have to engage within our own authenticity and sovereign command of our own states of being and condition.

life key

I know this only too well having had succumbed to dis associative trauma which proved to derail the health and well-being of my beautiful indigold child for a small but very pivotal point of his development.

In the aftermath of such an atrocious imposition to such a vibrant young Soul, the options for self accountability and ownership became available to ensure that he himself would not be encumbered with such a detrimental experience to the naturalness of his life’s health.

When we seek to understand that which we experience in our unconsciousness and consciousness then we can command and direct it as we see fit.

The key to understanding is to be free of self judgement and criticism.

This is an esteemed vibration and difficult to harness when one is in a state of mental depletion and inner violent chaos.

Having the courage to be authentic within oneself as a parent is the greatest gift you can bestow upon your child.

optimal streams

Children Do Not Hear What You Say.

They Learn By Observing What You Do.

be yourself tell the truth

They are also much more connected and wise to the emotional and subtle energies that we as humans carry so to be able to support your children with EXPRESSIONS OF AUTHENTICITY so that they may PUT WORDS AND UNDERSTANDING to that which is already in their subtle experience proves to EMPOWER them vs DEPLETE them.

The terrible twos in energetic terms for children are not really terrible and not really natural to a childs evolutionary growth.

The standards of societal implementations of familial dynamics of relating between the mother and father are responsible for the childs deviation from naturalness in their what seems like combative and antagonistic behaviour.

What is really happening for the child is that parents have the tendency to repress many of their own emotions as well as repress the authenticity of their own true desires.

plastic people

We as humans are gifted our own dynamic energetic blueprint to uncover and express.

Most often the naturalness of this expansion of our own autonomous energetic blueprint is stifled, redirected or conditioned with the ideals of our parents or the societal structures of which the masses adhere to.

When we are taught a model of living and follow it, we come to find through our experience that not all is as we were told it was.

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for any human is to discover they have been duped in their teachings of life roles.

The midlife crisis vibe is a phenomenon of the unconscious programs bred within us and the aptitude of our lifeforce coming into its true callings. be yourself tell the truth

Many men are stifled by their wives and many women are oppressed by their husbands.

Few and far between are the marital couples who abide by their own autonomous self directed compulsions of evolvement and living harmoniously in interdependence.

This misaligned unconscious governance of ideals enables a good deal of dis harmonic subtle emotional and psychological energy within them and this is the energy of which their children can pick up on.

Children Are Very Wise, Connected & Emotionally Intelligent Beings.

Whether you speak to them or not about what is going on, inside of them they have knowledge that something is most definitely going on.

Our natures as human beings are to be IN EXPRESSION of LIFE.

This means that when you put your focus upon your life, take a look at how expressive you are being in terms of your opportunities to do so.

I see a myriad of people in this world with what look like permafrowns and furrowed eyebrows to the degree you cannot even see their eyes anymore. It is as if they have been frozen in their lack of expressiveness rooted in the inner war of their present circumstances they are living to the disparity of what their hearts are truly calling for.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

The beautiful part about life’s expressivity that YOU are able to harness and channel is that it is always autonomously thine own.

mary poppin

The paradox exists because the structures of which the masses mentalize for their own sense of belonging and mutuality is counter intuitive and counterproductive to the naturalness of energetic lifeforce which propels the very creativity they are compelling.

There is always a duality at play as one of the fundamental principles of Universal Law is that of BALANCE

In its simplest terms, you as a human have a symbiotic relationship with anything and everything that surrounds your determinate on your ability to manage and maintain your own BALANCE.

This can be perceived from the general to the specific in all scopes of your human experience.

How is your consumables? Balanced? How is your sex life? Balanced? How is time with your children? Balanced? There are infinite questions you can ask yourself in terms of a comparative standard of balance. How do you feel throughout the day? How are your negative thoughts? Balanced or Rampant?

rock your balance

When a child is bred into an environment of balance with both their mother and father, the child is likely to thrive very easily.

When parents, being humans themselves and not really gifted any rule book in terms of Universal and Earthly laws are navigating their own path are out of balance then that impacts the integrity of the childs optimal growth trajectory.

Now it would be all lovely feels if we could all live with rose-tinted glasses but the truth is that life is harsh and people do shady and dark things as a result of being out of expression of the naturalness of themselves.

Being able to BALANCE your childs experience if they have undergone or endured parental abuse, parental separation or divorce, witnessing infidelity and even death – it is a GOODVIBE to offset the impact of that UNNATURALNESS with solid, healthy and HONEST COMMUNICATION.

Kids Are Way Smarter Than Any Adult Rearing Them.

That is not a slight to generations past it is a Mere Energetic Fact.

The methods in which the human intelligence ACTUALLY functions is highly misunderstood in the modern mainstream structures of mentalizing around around human health.

Everything is much simpler than all are taught to buy into.

This is why taking OWNERSHIP OF YOURSELF as a PARENT is the most efficient and effective way to impart and educate to your children exactly that.

One must take responsibility for their FREE WILL OF CHOICE and to delineate their own truth to their own autonomous guidance led by the dictates of their own hearts callings with a supportive and POSTIVELY PROGRAMMED MIND. Note I wrote the world PROGRAMMED.

The human brain is a receiving mechanism and thought energy does not disappear without a trace.

If a large amount of humans mentalize on the same focus the energy that is created from that mentalized space takes good form in our physical reality.

silent m masses

Be Yourself. Tell The Truth,

When it comes to how you choose to dial in your vibe, whether you engage mainstream media or choose to take in only the information that benefits your state of conditioning to a thrive, you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICEPOINT.

The BEST CHOICES you can make for your children when dealing with these very dense relational issues, is to EXPRESS TRUTH and PUT WORDS TO THE EXPERIENCE.

When a child has UNDERSTANDING through SIMPLE, DIRECT and HONEST COMMUNICATION, just witness how you empower and fortify their sense of safety and understanding of themselves and their experience in the world.

Alignment Is A Beautiful Thing & A Clean Energetic Vibe

Alignment of the self goes hand in hand with the fundamental principle of balance. See.


have balls

The world is not as complex as we humans make it to be when we fail to express that which we have within, which then suppress the naturalness of our life’s expression. Then we bleed madness in our lives as we go forth lost in the subtleties of self truths left unexpressed.

Children as so vibrant to all the dense adults because they are EXPRESSIVE.

An adult walking in the forest briskly is closed off the magnificence and wonder a two-year-old child can find in a single leaf of which he does not acknowledge and the child will play with for twenty minutes.

The wonder and curiosity a childs new consciousness is a by product of their fresh neural capacities to EXPRESS and DISCOVERY and UNCOVER LIFE.

The path of the least resistance is to allow life to flourish as it will and as it does so naturally It is a rhythmic play of universal energy in complete harmony and BALANCE.

The work of us humans is to maintain our own so that we may harmonize with the likes of these very powerful and self-correcting universal intelligent energies.

One of the most effective manners in which to do this is to TELL THE TRUTH.

Tell the truth about your feels. Tell the truth about your likes, your dislikes (not too much though), Tell the truth about your experience, tell the truth about your point of perceptions. BE YOURSELF and TELL THE TRUTH.

The cool thing about doing this, is that no one persons truth can be the same, yet people get their lives all farked up because they drown themselves in the complexity of aiming to abide by other peoples ideals or standards of perceptions.

No thank you.

Simplicity is the key to good design, In anything and everything.

The Universal aspects of our existence may be unknown to your repertoire of mainstream conditioned understanding and exposure, however, it does not mean that they cease to exist or indeed be very influential to ones own life path success.


You as a parent have your own vessel to manage.





Before you dial in any kind of communication with your child about these issues that they are already immersed in and already have a complex nature to them – it is best the CHECK YOURSELF.

check yoself

The love a child receives from their parents is deemed the PERFECT LOVE.

This is a truth, even if there is hate. The child is axiomatically energetically bound to their matriarchal and patriarchal blueprints so whatever love they are given, whatever treatment is nurtured or imposed upon them, in their innocent and open containers they acclimate it in their consciousness as PERFECT LOVE

. This is where the conscious and the unconscious come into BALANCE. If a child is nurture with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as per the GUIDING CREATIVE FORCE OF ALL CREATION in all the energetic expenditures you have at your disposal (aforementioned) then the conscious and unconscious of that child will rear a very balanced, advanced and creative intelligent human individual.

That’s a pipe dream in today’s world.

So, to offset that unnaturalness in ones own governance of alignment the most efficient and least resistant method to yield success for your children is to BE YOURSELF and TELL THE TRUTH.

Also, do not diminish or degrade your spouse in any way.

That to is a total pipe dream in today’s world, so if you have, and when you do with your child as your witness,


find your inner thrive

Delineating to a child that your behaviours and words and actions were inappropriate enables the child the authority to do so themselves in their own experience.

You can use all the words you want with a child. But your expenditures of expressions whilst engaging your child are all determinant upon the entirely of who you all are.

As individuals and as a unit.

Not just in words, but in thoughts, actions and your ability to manage your emotional intelligence.

They all go hand in hand.

That is why. Keep this simple. Check Yourself in the areas to a place of balanced peace within yourself and if you are not, then get there before you really engage your child(ren) about their understanding of this.

You as the parent were the one who brought this life into this world.

Children are not bred to carry the traumas or misaligned expressions of their parents.

Their natural set points are basically the magical energy of what you see in Walt Disney’s movies.

Are you clear and balanced in your thoughts or are you imaging keying your exes car? Check this about yourself before you engage your children.

Are you clear and balanced in your words or are you verbally diminishing and cursing your spouse in front of your child? If you are and are doing this, the best and most advantageous psychological and emotional impact is to ACKNOWELDGE, TAKE OWNERSHIP and EXPLAIN TO YOUR CHILD YOUR INAPPROPRIATE behaviour.

Are you aligned with dignified actions or are you throwing all your spouses belongings off the second floor balcony?

How is your emotional state? Are you running your emotions or are your emotions running you? EMOTIONAL ENERGY is BREAD FROM MIND ATTITUDE. Change your attitude, you change your EMOTION.

Example: You have a good deal of hate energy existing within you to the degree you are ready to peel out of your skin like the Hulk and take down your spouse like it ain’t no thang.

have a cup of tea

Instead: Move that energy away from conflict. If you cannot get a hold of yourself the best solution is to MOVE. Change the environment and MOVE YOUR BODY.

When you quickly change your environment it creates a neural dissonance to the reactivity you are already generating. Couple that with PHYSICAL MOTION – the body is an energetic, electric and magnetic space and half of its cellular chemistry is made of SOUND. When you move, you move energy and when energy is moving it can be directed as you see fit.

Remember that no matter what another person does in your presence, YOU are the choice maker to how you respond, what you say, what you do, how you choose to feel about it.

The aptitude you develop for your own sovereignty of BEING YOURSELF and TELLING THE TRUTH is aligned with the naturalness of aptitude your children are inherently already breeding within themselves in their own growth.

It is really up to you whether you want to nurture that, or hinder it.


When you align your energy to the truth of your experience, you model a great empowerment to your child’s observatory experience of you.

It is a very good idea, that no matter the sludge you have to shovel in this life, that for the sanctity and dignity of yourself and the little ones you have bred into this life, to be yourself & tell your truth.

the vibe