THE GUT BRAIN – How Many Brains Do You Have?


Did You Know That As Humans We Have Incredible Technology That Resides In Just Being Who We Are?

The gut brain is a good vibe to know about. How many brains do you have?

In truth, science has demonstrated that we as humans have 3 brains that govern our intelligence.  The cerebral brain, the hearts intelligence and now the gut brain.

Our little dude likes to engage his neural scape and the repetition from the year prior was proving to leave him seeking further entertainment “School is kinda boring today MB” so…I take the matters into my own hands and dial in some information to distill to our little dude based on the teachings that I am absorbing from a variety of modern and consciously aware and integrity/mutually beneficial for all driven sources.

I am learning for myself about the ins and outs of optimal physiological and mental processes and upon this exploration, the question arose:

“How Many Brains Do We Have?”

Seeking the answer became instrumental in my understanding of optimizing the relationship we keep with our bodies energy.

Through simple and effective exercises, you can enhance your quality of physical living.

When school was in Mama Bex style, the first order of business was to learn about the second brain in our body, called

The Gut Brain

The gut brain is a main division of our autonomic nervous system and is called the enteric nervous system. Embedded in our gastrointestinal systems, it starts at the esophagus and ends at the smoothpoops exit.

We need not be scientists to decipher the importance of having an awareness of this aspect of how we are made.

How we nourish our bodies with food and the choices we make in terms of how we govern it with exercise and lifestyle choices will have an impact on how it functions for us.

Eating can prove to be an avenue in which unfavourable bacteria can enter our systems, and the gut brain is the function that allows us to repel such harmful substances from our systems so as to remain healthy and elevated.

Given this part of us is connected to our autonomic nervous system, our states of being impact its function.

The reason this part of our anatomy is dubbed the Gut Brain is because it has its own nervous system and when the vagus nerve is severed, it still proves to function making it an entity that works independently and in conjunction with our head brain.

It not only governs our digestive and gastrointestinal functioning it also has a direct correlation with our mental and physical well-being.

It is part of a network of nerves attached to the brain stem that perform and regulate visceral functioning.


In fact, it is embedded in our system to such an intricate degree, this aspect of our physiologies was not uncovered until the mid 19th century.

The process of digestion is a complex and divine system. The ENS (Enteric Nervous System aka The Gut Brain) provides the mechanics of mixing food particles and the musculature activity to move it through our systems.

It proves to also govern the balance of pH levels in our inner environment so that it is in a state of balance so as to facilitate the digestive enzymes to perform their functions optimally.

There need not be a huge focus on anatomy and the science of this part of our physiologies.

Awareness is enough for you to become empowered with the simple ways in which you can level up the life energy and ultimately, life experience for you and the little people in your world.

I did a little exercise with my 7 year old and whether he chooses to implement this knowledge into his daily experience, is ultimately up to him, but having the knowledge is the first key to empowerment.

That Gut Feeling – Keeping It Optimal


There are upwards of 500 varieties of bacteria in a trillion cells found in your gut.

 This is not without purpose.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the field of neurogastroenterology was established.

In terms of humanity and our functioning, that isn’t very long at all for us to be with this awareness and I am pretty sure that the physioloiges of our bodies and how to harness them optimally is something that could be leveled up in terms of its implementation into the public education system.

It wasn’t until I was in animation college that I discovered the anatomy of the body and became knowledgeable about my the fact that I even contained a skeletal structure and a phsiology that I can have a direct impact upon based on the choices I make in Mind and for my Body & Spirit.


Before then, it was encouraged to eat healthy, vibrant and natural foods and maintain an exercise regime and had two parents who were physicians but very rarely delved into conversation about the nature of their work.

Otherwise, the matters of the body were not matters of which I was well-informed and it wasn’t until I was in a super tight and disempowering spot of which I needed to pull myself out of, did I become quite adept in uncovering knowledge about how to regulate and optimize our bodies systems.

When I learned that the gut brain is responsible for 90 percent of the serotonin production in our systems and is formulated in the digestive tract.  Spinach, Seeds and Nuts are a good vibe for your digestive tract to boost serotonin.

It’s the feel good chemical that elevates your mood.  This should be reason enough to engage in its optimal care.

It is a super goodvibe to learn and expand with the worlds new developments and information.

To self actualize and become aware of the inherent power that exists within is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon yourself and your children.

roll into good health

1. Exercise Has Been Proven 2 Elevate

The Gut Brains Function.


When you and your kids exercise for a mere 30-60 minutes, 3 times a week then you increase the fatty acids, specifically butyrate (is that pronounced booty rate?) which proves to protect the brain from inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases.

Your gut health has a direct impact on your brain health.

Getting your kids offscreen and into life is one of the easiest ways to elevate their moods and regulation.  

You Are The Ambassador 2 Your Child(ren)

Society may be normalizing 2d screens as an acceptable avenue of governance for your chlld’s neural networks, but I am telling you, the most effective way to optimize the human body is to connect it to the natural world around it  and harmonize your body’s energies with movement, motion and deliberate care and focus.

When you run around busy in this life, if you do not weave a practice of self care into your daily goals, then however are you meant to maintain a happy existence?

2. Eating High Vibrational, Natural

Foods In A Balanced Manner Will

Also Prove 2 Level Up Your Gut



Natural foods that grow out of our earth and are organic and naturally cultivated and produced are the best sources of nutrition that you can gift yourself with.

High fibre and whole grains are a super good vibe for your system too.

Your energy levels, your focus, how you operate depends a good amount on what you consume for fuel.

Eating clean and nourishing foods is a win for your overall lifestyle and longevity and good mood.

3. Tracking How Much Water You Are Drinking Is A

Super Good Vibe.

At times, when our energies are spent or out of alignment, then we can tend to use food as a mechanism to feel grounded or an avenue as a source of comfort.

Being body aware, especially of how much water you are consuming overall in the day is an empowering awareness to be in the know with as it allows you to be in tune with yourself to decipher between hunger and thirst.

Our bodies are primarily made of water so it would stand to reason that this element is one we should be consuming as the most abundant source of liquid for our bodies to perform and function optimally.


The Belly Button method that was introduced to me by way of two books by Ilchi Lee, entitled “The Power Brain” and “Connect.”

He speaks about the importance of the gut brain and offers a great remedy for healing that involves merely putting pressure on your belly button repetitively.

You can scope out Ilchi Lees books on Amazon if its your vibe.  His techniques and information are presented in an easily understandable and straightforward manner. Also, he is just a light and fun dude to watch. He emanates a peaceful and playful healing vibe.  One that we would all do well to encompass.

Simplicity is the key and he dials it in with grace and dignity.

Understanding that you have a gut brain and that what you feed it has a direct relationship to your mood is a great motivator to encourage periodic motion of the body throughout the day.

Many tools are already established, being presented, explored and uncovered in terms of our relationship with energy and the ability to harness and rejuvenate our beings is simple and super effective and supportive to a vibrant existence.

Try it out for yourself and see what results you get.

Stay Smooth & Keep It Healthy!