IKEA discount bin means a 6foot snake is now little man’s buddy.



Balloons are always a good idea, whether you are ten or forty-two.


Tracking a good feelTrack has been a good vibe and little man is quite the speedstar.

Truth speakSpeak light and love into a child and then see what happens…..


Digital artistDigital Artist at work….

The one that was made for me was dropped by the little man so I received a plain pot of which my little gardening guru was happy to take care of for me.

Happy Mother’s Day….although isn’t that really everyday??


The hormonal attitude I receive for taking captures of my little man is a pittance compared to the magic this little sunshine brings my heart….Stinkeye in full effect but isn’t he a handsome ginger?

Evolutionary The witness of the evolution of a child you bred from your own being is a trip and a fortune bestowed in my humble opinion…..



Little man is getting to be not so little.  Ten years old now and was first place in the 100m heat, 2nd place in the 200m heat and 2nd in the 400m heat. He can run!  Way to go Max Van!!! Turns out he lost a tooth too!


Tooth fairy negotiations

Little man is into science and the elements.  He had a silver crown on his baby tooth which has been removed as his adult tooth has pushed through.  He wants the tooth more than the cash but cares to know its value all the same.  Love this kid!

Me and the little man had a fun time at a park downtown in Vancouver.  We met a young fella who mentioned Mexico and I shared a story with his Mum about how when we lived in Mexico and I was pushing Max on a swing, the whole swing set tilted and nearly fell had I not caught the entire structure.  The slides had metal jutting out of them and burned your skin from the intense heat. The contrast in the Canadian playgrounds is demonstrable and I am grateful.

The equipment we played on today was a goodvibe. 

This kid can climb anything.  He is always skybound and inspires me with his tenacity to climb that which pleases him in any moment.

Scavenging discarded oyster shells by Science World is a grounded good feel.  Stinky though :-)I was gifted 3 today for being a great Mum for a decade. Love this kid ????❤️

He is getting big. It is a trip seeing a human you produced out of your own being whose clothes you can now almost fit into.  I am grateful he is growing and in a solid space of mind, heart and SOUL.  Thanks for this kid❤️???♾

Always climbing, this kid impresses me daily.  After healing a broken knee cap fracture in half the time expected, he climbed this structure in seconds that garnered three comments from other parents in regards to his agility. #inspired #lovethiskid


Zip line maintenance


Collecting his very first Big Mac combo.  I remember being his age on famjam roadtrips and the MickeyDee’s was always a go-to. It is not anything I eat anymore but the little man did enjoy his independence getting his combo and devouring it. Chocolate shakes are delish but like crack.  Balance is key. #lovethiskid


The window view of a train is an imagination station for any human.  The wonders of imaginative curiosity is something we all are well to invest within. Little Buho legs from under his arm – this kid makes my heart smile.

This little man killed it in math. I always thought math was an acronym for mental abuse to humans, but nit fir this Kat. He has participated and leveled up by his own volition and aptitude. Super proud of him????


A two hundred dollar lego train set brings smiles. This guy had it built in an hour and is stoked with the engine.  Lego is a very goodvibe.

Beautiful Max

This boy is all kinds of eclectic magic😎😃🤘🏽

Lego kingWe have reached the space of relativity that Mum taking photos of her little lovebug is now a low vibe & can i just stop so lego can be built?  #lovethiskid 🕉🌸💫