The Benefits of Strawberries


Here at smoothpoops we play and dance and run and enjoy strawberry fields forever and ever – not really, but sounds pretty magical. The benefits of strawberries are a vibrant win for a growing and developing biology.

The strawberry aka Fragaria ananassa has its origins from Europe circa the 18th century.

Strawberries are all kinds of yummy and vibrance and an excellent source of many a nutrient – a good pick for the smoothpoops smoothie!

water source strawberries


Their content is high in water so their carbohydrate content is lower as result and they have a low glycemic index which accounts for the sucrose/glucose quantities so eating strawberries is all good in terms of maintaining balance with your sugar intake.

Just over a quarter of the carb content of strawberries consists of fiber. As we all know by now, the dietary fibers we ingest prove to feed the good vibe bacteria in your gut and optimize your digestive tract health.

Strawberries are supportive in terms of diminishing weight and your overall health and are both a source of soluble and insoluble fibers.

fresh farmed strawberries


Here is a list of the benefits implementing strawberries into your child’s diet/smoothie can yield for their overall long term health.

It’s no surprise and no secret that eating foods that are naturally cultivated from the beautiful Earth upon which we live would be consumables that will be the best options for us to nourish our bodies.

In some ways, there is a separation in thought in terms of the fact that as humans, we are intrinsically linked and connected to the Earth and the Cosmos beyond.

That somehow the food and the manner in which we gain our nourishment is a separate process from the Earth upon which we live.

the good feels of strawberries


If it were not for the magical essence of Universal Energy and the power of the Earth that shoots the trees to the sky and changes the tides and moon phases – that energy of Source, infinite power, is what gives us the privilege to enjoy such beautiful fruits like that of a naturally cultivated strawberry.

Vitamin C is a good vibe and it is abundant in the strawberry.

A natural source of vitamin C for a growing body is an advantageous investment – the consumption of this vitamin is an antioxidant and a DNA protector as it neutralizes free radicals and provides an immunity boost to your little ones physiology.

berries from the earth


Loaded with antioxidants and plant compounds the benefits of eating strawberries are numerous. There are solid levels of anthocyanins which apparently prove to be a relaxant to blood vessels which means that strawberries support cardiovascular health and lowered levels of blood pressure.

The triad of power that the combo of folate, vitamin C and soluble/insoluble fiber make it an ideal contender for improved and optimal cardiovascular health as that power pack reduces cholesterol in the vessels and arteries.

Eating organic and fresh berries from the Earth are a supreme source of health. If you take a few minutes to reflect on this, it is the most natural and healthy way we can nourish our bodies.

Potassium provides a good amount of benefit and the promotion and support of bone health is apparent in the make up of the strawberry.


Its taste, its benefits, its vibrance! In combo to the smoothpoops smoothie and/or a healthy and vibrant snack, strawberry fields forever?