Support the Little People – Empower with Mindful Language

This comes as a post to support the little people in our world and is a sister post to our friends over at

How you speak to your kids plays a pivotal role in their overall mental, physical and spiritual health.

Human systems work optimally with a well-balanced diet, a good and consistent amount of exercise and of course, the nurturing and implementation of LOVE.

love for smooth poops

Expressing love can come in many forms. Some healthy, some not so much, but essentially, as little human beings, state of being is boss when it comes thriving and the best way you can get a child to thrive is by connecting to that child with a whole lotta:

One way in which true unconditional love can be conveyed to your little bundles of joy are through words and the language that you use when you address and speak to your child(ren).

Things to Keep in Mind when the words roll out of your mouth and into the heads and hearts of your children.

1. They Are Just Little Children and They Need LOVE.

Sometimes life is so busy and things are so crazy that you can forget that the little people you are guiding are indeed, just little people.

It is important not to ever diminish a child – even in jest, if they are not yet wise enough to understand sarcasm. The words that children hear in reference to themselves spoken by their care takers and primary influencers are the ones that shape their relationship to themselves, to nurturing the heart, their perception of closeness and connectivity.

Language is powerful.

Although they are little, they are of the purest kind of energy.

This energy can sometimes leave you feeling depleted and as a parent, when you give and give and give, it can sometimes seem overwhelming, especially when the investment of your energy seems never ending.

Welcome to being responsible for another human beings life!

love is what kids need

A great tip to abide by is that no matter how depleted you feel or how stretched your day has been, keeping the fundamental outlook that they are just little and they need love at the forefront of your mind and emanating from your heart centre is a very good feel in terms of keeping your state of regulation in check…which is number

2. Your State of Being.

This one isn’t about your children’s behaviour, but of yours and it is an aspect of yourself that impacts them to a great degree.

Your state of being is boss in terms of how you display yourself and distill your wisdom down to your kids.

This is one of the most subtle, yet powerful ways we influence children is through the display of our own behaviour and the manner in which, we ourselves, respond to the world around us.

Our kids learn from us by watching who we are. It would be of good value, then, to take good care of ourselves and our state of regulation to ensure we are modeling an ideal version of ourselves.

balance within is balance outside

When a child sees a parent offering respect, nurturing and kindness to oneself, then they ultimately download within themselves this as a method in which to govern themselves.

Kids will emulate the parent/guardian that they have the most exposure to – this can be a nanny, a teacher, a video game, a television show, or ideally, one on one, eye to eye, heart-to-heart present moment awareness with one or both parents.

3. Understanding Their Development & Age Appropriate Expectations.

This one can be really empowering in terms of reducing frustration and knowing what you can expect from the little people you created and are now guiding through childhood.

It can be mind numbing to repeat something to a child only to be met with the child either doing exactly what you asked them not to and proving especially uncooperative in moments when you need them to be.

If you are able to regulate and be chill, these moments are excellent teaching opportunities and offer an opportunity for you to connect and provide empowerment to your kids with what you already know.

My son asks a ton of questions and is curious about everything. It proves quite refreshing to explain the reason things are what they are and whey they exist for us to use in our everyday life.

Kids are sponges.

cheeky monkey smiles

They are literally having a life exploration unfolding and it is our jobs to guide them and show them as much stuff as is humanly possible so that they may explore aspects of themselves and uncover what the world around them.

Leaving an extra 15 minutes at the onset of any directed intention or activity you have delineated with your child(ren) will allow for those moments to happen rather than being rushed and unable to engage fully and presently with your child and their inherent sense of wonder and discovery.

4. See The World From Their Perspective

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

The many circumstances in which you find yourself gliding through reality not really understanding or knowing in the Mind what the deal is, but just coasting with the feels of discovery and wonder the vibe of the Heart emanates?

i look cool but I cannot see

That’s the vibe all of us adults would do well to harness and nurture in the lives of our children.

So, in a nutshell – Kids need love.

They are just being kids.

Be chill.

Be Present.

Enjoy these beauties and look at the world through their lenses. Be super mindful about the language you use and the tone in which you use it. Immense power to transform a child’s life, is how we speak to them.

Let it be with compassion, love and sweet, empowering words.

It will yield immensely empowering and fulfilling results for everyone involved.

10 thoughts on “Support the Little People – Empower with Mindful Language

  1. Number Two really jumped out at me, where we must be in our own state of being. I think many forget that kids will mimic our every actions, especially at a young age. For young kids, their biggest role models in life are their parents and this will remain so for the first few years of life. There might be others involved, but the main attraction is the parents and we most definitely need to be mindful of our actions around our kids. If we display positive actions, so will they. 

    1. You said it Todd and your comment is spot on!

      I appreciate the 3 contributions of support and vibrance you have distilled in my site dude!

      Thank you for your time and investment and have an awesome week ahead!



  2. My dad killed himself when I was 12 and my mother tried her best with me but she had 6 children so she found it hard to communicate with us

    I’m a dad of 4 boys now and didn’t grow up with parents that could communicate properly which makes it really hard for me to do the same 

    What advice would you give to someone with children that didn’t get the childhood that they deserved? 

    Thanks if you can help

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I thank you for your candid and open expression and would deem you a pretty good communicator thus far given you are willing to be so open to expressing your journey, but also that you contain the self awareness to want to expand upon yourself.

      Your inner child is not something you outgrow into adulthood. It remains with you for the entirety of your life path, so it is a good vibe to heal that little guy inside you who didn’t get the kind of nurturing you were designed to receive. 

      Intention is a very powerful aspect of our creative abilities as humans.  If you intend on being a good and connected, communicative father, and you actually write that intention down, and affirm this as who you are, you have a good start right there.  You may benefit from Frederick Dodson’s Parallel Universes of Self book which talks about how to shift to a preferable identity without it needing to be an arduous or long drawn task.

      I think that if you are open and honest with your boys too, about your vulnerability, in not knowing how to guide them as you were never distilled with that guidance, then that is a huge connected opportunity for love to be shared, nurtured and expanded upon.  

      They look up to you, they revere you and they love you.  When you confide in them what is in your Heart, it will teach them that they are safe to do the same – this act in itself may prove quite healing for you – it certainly has for me when I connect with my little guy.  Like a do over almost to what you wish you had experienced when you were your kids age. 

      I wish you peace, love, openness and all good vibes.

      Please contact me at should you want to connect further about this aspect of your journey!

      All the best and a sincere thanks again for your engaging comment!


  3. Yes I agree about the way children are spoken to can affect the way they develop. We see this A LOT in crime history – parents mistreating children basically develop many unhappy messed up members of society. Even words affects the way children potty train…which is surprising. Children do definitely need to be surrounded by love.

    However, I do think discipline is also a key component for children….boundaries. And these have to be reasonable, not cruel, loving . Without discipline, children also will develop without a sense of others. and without a sense of responsibility perhaps? What;s your view on this?

    1. Hi Islander!

      I appreciate your viewpoint and am pleased that you brought up this point. Let us not confuse showering our children with love with not having them take responsibility for their behaviour, actions and emotional states. 

       A conscious way to show up in the world, that I have discovered, is that teaching a child responsibility of themselves is inherent in the cultivation of good esteem of oneself. 

      I shower my little guy with a ton of love and invested present time, but I also am the one that doesn’t give any slack when it comes to behaving in a self respecting manner.  Part of that includes understanding your actions based on your state of mind and your state of being and how they impact the world and people around you. 

      Accountability is upheld and that is empowering.  

      The cool thing too is, that you can distill these human life hacks without having to do so lacking love.  It’s hard and takes practice.  Reactivity is easier. Responsive compassion, however is cultivated when you are speaking and acting from the Heart rather than the Mind.

      Demonstrate solid behaviours and your child will subconsciously pick them up.  This is why it is a good vibe to remain conscious of ourselves and how we model our reactions and behaviours because in a way, these are the biggest teachers for our kids who observe us and emulate us.

      Great discussion point Islander!

      I appreciate the engagement and I wish you a solid weekend ahead!


  4. Great post! I think every parent, or expecting parent should read this article as there are a lot of great tips here. I especially like the part where you talk about being aware of your own personal state. I’ve seen stressed out parents totally berate their child. I didn’t think the parent was inherently bad, just not aware of the state they’re in. If they would’ve take just a moment to recognize their state, things might have turned out differently. 


    1. That is exactly is Brian!

      Thank you for your connected and dialled in comment.  Sounds like you have a good awareness of the impact a parent’s state of being can have on the consciousness of a young child.  I, too, believe that all circumstances can be yielded to result positively in any interaction we have with one another.

      Thanks Brian and have a most solid week ahead!



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