The Health Benefits of Eating Blueberries



blueberry bushes are neato


Some refer to them as a powerhouse fruit. Some refer to them as a super food. The health benefits of eating blueberries will serve you and your children well. 

I refer to them as pure yummy deliciousness.

Infused with sweetness and explosion of flavour, blueberries are a real treat both in taste and in supporting healthy living. The health benefits of eating blueberries is a benefit worth investing within.

The health benefits of eating blueberries are abundant and this high vibrational dark indigo coloured food will only add value to you and your little ones physiological health.

basket of berries is good vibes

How Blueberries Impact Your System

Chock-full of Vitamin C means that you are ingesting a vitamin that has the ability to protect your cellular DNA by trapping free radical and impeding the formation of carcinogens – this means 25% reduction in cells that vibe to a cancerous beat. how blueberries impact your system

Huge win!!

Cardiovascular health is something that any self-respecting human would endeavour to support and consuming blueberries lowers blood pressure – when you control and optimize this system in your body, you are extending your lifespan.

Points for self-love up in here for you and this solid choice!

A healthy body mean a healthy skeletal structure and keeping your bones healthy throughout your lifetime is a worthwhile pursuit to keep you optimal in your mobility.

Blueberries are jam packed with polyphenols which are known to create a delay in osteoclast action known for breaking down bone minerals which will help you maintain strong and healthy bones!

Conscious awareness in how you decide to fuel your body, the amount of sleep you get and the amount of physical exercise you engage in will determine your physiological energy levels and the degree to which your body performs as it increases in age.

In studies performed by people who do studies, blueberries have demonstrated increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain, keeping the mind vibrant with activity. It is deemed a neural super food for the brain and an antioxidant gem to the body. For kids needing to dial in a long day at school, this super food is an optimal choice to get your little ones day started off right!blueberry fibre madness

Antioxidants have the ability to protect our bodies from environmental stresses to the body as well as provide the ability to protect our bodies from chronic disease and can lengthen the natural aging process. It also has anti-inflammatory agents in its structure, so blueberries just keep giving off the good vibes!

Fiber is one key ingredient to keep a body nice and regular in terms of disposing of your toxins and blueberries are full of fiber – this is one key ingredient in a daily smoothie that will benefit and empower your child’s digestive system and keep constipation away!

Empowered with natural food, rather than weakened with chemically based laxatives?

blueberries help kids poo



Say YES to conscious awareness in parenting and NO to lazy ways in taking care of your child’s gastrointestinal health. The solid foundation that blueberries can contribute in enhancing and supporting the life of my little guy brings nothing but goodness, empowerment and optimal health.

This is the vibe I want him to grow with in Mind and Body and it is an extremely weird vibe for me to know that this outlook for all children’s health and well-being is not an axiom in our society.

smooth poops likes blueberries



Simplicity is the key to good design in anything in life – taking care of the human body does not have to be mysterious, complicated or subject to band aid solutions such as the prescribing of chemical laden laxatives for a small beautiful developing being.

Knowledge is Power. Self Knowledge is Self Empowering.