School Zone Decompression




The smooth vibes of the school zone decompression is a thrive for your little troopers.

Having a healthy and regulated child is a faith that most, if not all parents hold within.

If you wish ill will on your children in any way shape or form, then check yourself. Your role as a parent is to be an ambassador and in doing so, it yields optimal respect and nurturing for your little one(s).

Otherwise, if you are an invested and conscious parent, then you understand the value in nurturing a loving, supportive and uplifting vibe for your growing and developing human being to whom you are being an ambassador.

One thing I noticed when I was growing up was how much resistance there was when forced upon after school activities in the name of harnessing and learning new skills, as well as a dignified manner in which to engage the cerebral environment of a young fertile, expansive and infinitely potential led brain.

A good amount of stress is presented in a child’s experience from a very youthful age.

This seems to be the case in how western society has encompassed the whole scene.

take the time to take the time


Books are written about the efficiency one can gain by neglecting a new life to cry and is normalized as a method of efficacy so that the presence of this new fragile life can be handled like an object of convenience.

A woman I saw once, she was doing this to her new baby and I remarked upon it.

Strolling her around in what looked like a 4×4 crib on wheels and neglecting to acknowledge or physically connect with her baby.

I am not judgmental of peoples choices. Everyone has their own path and have to reconcile their own actions and the consequences of those actions (and in some cases, inaction) don’t judge people.

I just go on what feels right to my heart and connectivity to the human spirit.

I said, “I bet if you put your hand on that sweet little baby’s heart, it would prove to regulate her system.”

I am a Mum and I have been a new Mum and I know what it is like to be in the depths of a complete body makeover, hormone hijack and the strange things that happen when sleep doesn’t but I don’t care who you are or how many books you can sell, you will never be able to normalize to me abandoning a young baby to sort out their emotional energy on their own.

That is insanity.

You wouldn’t physically abandon your baby somewhere so why would you deem it okay to do it to them emotionally and at the cost of the regulation of their system?

I wished her love and good will, which throws off an angry and irrational person because there is nothing for them to hook onto when you emanate a sincere energy of love and acceptance towards them.

It is a wise idea to have an awareness of emotional intelligence because then you can see someone’s behaviour for what it really is.

A person who is expressing themselves while under the influence of a powerful energy that is the volatile emotional state of a being who has just incubated and create an entirely new being and is now sleep deprived and still having her system used as a feeding and nurturing machine…is a person that needs to be shown compassion and kindness.

You cannot ever know what it is like to create new life and keep that life flourishing until you have experienced it and when you do, you realize that all the books, all the advice and preparation you make cannot even scratch the surface of the experience of bringing a new child into the world.

It is all kinds of so many polarities of the human emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. It is profoundly intense and magical and infused with the energy of creation/love.

connectivity with your kids

Especially a new young mother.

One aspect that allows not only our children, but as adults too, is to regulate our states of being.

When a young baby or a young toddler is in a state of stress and is communicating that by way of blood-curdling screams, then it might seem intuitive to abandon that action, but if you act from the heart, that baby should be against your heart and being held so that them communicating “I am freaking out in stress” can be repaired with “It’s cool, Mama/Papa has your back” rather than allowing your new life to pass out from sheer exhaustion.

Is that really the vibe you want to impose on such a system that was bred from the energy of love? Could you really call your nurturing aligned with that energy to enable inaction towards a baby in distress.

responsive and heart centred


Having a baby is one of the most challenging things a person can undertake and yet there is very little requirement or pre requisite for a person to engage in this huge undertaking.

We have tests for driving, exams for competency assessment and all kinds of other requirements to function optimally in society, so where is the manual on being a good human?

A good parent?

A connected member in heart and mind?

Where are the manuals and prerequisites for the game of life?

That’s just it, there are none.

It’s you guiding the journey with your little peep(s) right there with you.

It is an overwhelming task that enables us to experience and navigate the deepest and most profound of experiences in emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and social aspects of ourselves.

I recommend to each parent to check yourself and be good to yourself and your children.

Normalizing a stressful schedule is something that is inherently popular with the collective.

Have you ever felt like with kids you have all the time in the world and everything is all chill?

Probably not.

That’s why cultivating a conscious practice of doing zip, zero, absolutely nada in an active and non passive and lazy way, then this is where we find a a thrive vibe for the little peeps, and exponentially, ourselves.

This is a simple concept so let’s not get all bogged down with your responsibilities and reasons why you can’t do anything.

This is a simple implementation and here are some simple examples.

When school gets out, have a space of time to connect with your kid, outside.

Taking a walk, going to a park, getting on the swings – an hour investment after the day your kid has had in the organized chaos that is the education system, having a space for them to decompress, voice any experiences and impressions that impacted their being.

I cannot emphasize enough how simple this one act can be and yet have exponential and impactful results on the state of being of your child and ultimately the manner in which they will interpret their worlds.

My little guy and I have invested time after school.

outside to play freestyle


My dude and I are freedom kind of people and think outside of the box kind of people.

The simplicity of good living and integrating a family in that vibe is totally achievable, it just needs to be delineated and invested within.

It is a larger amount of emotional and psychological work an adult needs to accomplish to invest fully into their kid(s) but it is an investment, for at least the first 14 years that will mold their view of the world and the manner and tools in which allow them to exist within it.

I see a good amount of parents in a stress state as if unable to stop as they get from the school to a scheduled after school activity.

This is an epidemic in our society.

People racing to get to the next moment.

Do not misunderstand the intent here.

I welcome and promote after school activities, sports and recreation – I think that these endeavours are better chosen by the desire of the child, rather than by what is popular in the collective or an expectation of a parent.


Self led interests and development in certain areas of your child’s life can be supremely empowering for the child.

I offer everything up to my kid and some he resists and others he embraces.

In my lifestyle outdoor recreation is an axiom. Running in the morning, biking to school, scooter races down the parkway, tree climbing, dune buggy relay races, faux fishing in the duck pond or eluding zombies by hiding are all normal parts of our day.

How you model life to your kids is how they will learn to experience it.

If you are on a digital device for the majority of the time you are sharing space with your child, then you are wasting some superior connectivity time with a young growing being.

Priorities in terms of the habits we keep and the behaviours we demonstrate to new developing minds and bodies have an influential and lasting impact to their overall health and well-being.

Leveling up the disempowering practices that are normalized due to the technology available to us today is a powerful and courageous mindset to encompass.

intelligence having fun


The key is to demonstrate what is available and then have the kids guide you with them communicating to you what activities they want to try out and explore.

There are often trial runs for most commitments and you can go and feel it out with your kids to ensure it is a space they feel comfortable and secure.

One aspect that is imperative in a child’s learning is their state of being.

A child has no way to encompass real learning in a state of stress. Real learning cannot be absorbed by an incoherent brain and body system. It just isn’t going to happen. That’s why it is a super good vibe for you to nurture the physiological well-being, which includes emotional regulation, thought and belief models, physical activity and connected communication in a peaceful and safe space.

My kid comes to me with his issues and the only time I have ever really gotten the whole story in depth and from his vantage point is when I am not asking him and we are just chillan in nature – climbing trees, walking home, scooter races where we are escaping zombies, doing relay races in the park or throwing leaves in the air the park.

These are the moments that cultivate connectedness and these are the moments in which you can learn, engage and get to really know who your kid is and how they are absorbing and interpreting their experiences.

Think back to when you were a child. There is a good amount of freedom and a good amount of restriction, yes?

Depending on your specific situation, you will see variations of these two polarities in your life experience.

electing a freestyle attitude


How empowering would it have been should you be making the decisions for yourself at the level of human development capability you are riding during your expansion?

An opportunity for you, as a parent, to invest an hour of your day to walk aimlessly, play with reckless abandon and immerse yourself in a childlike frame of mind and state of being, the benefits and gain are exponential to all involved.

Taking the time to take the time to chill, reflect, do nothing, play in nature are all pursuits that demonstrate an investment into nurturing the humanity within us.

When we cultivate a consistent practice of nurturing our emotional and psychological well-being there are only rewards that can be gained from these pursuits.

So….are you willing to:

Take The Time To Take The Time?