Understanding Your Kids Energy – The Solar Plexus



Welcome to the smooth vibes of understanding your body’s energy, but most importantly, understanding your kids energy.

It may be of interest for you to know that the solar plexus energy centre in your physical body has influence and plays a significant role in your physiological health. Every human has one.

The word chakra is a term that derives from Sanskrit that is defined as a “wheel” or “disc” It is an energy centre in the human body that rests along the spine. There are Seven in the human body, each correlating with the 7 glands of the body.

For our purposes here at the smoothpoops site, our focus will rest on the energy centre that governs our digestive system which lands at the 3rd chakra of the body.

The Solar Plexus Energy Centre


solar plexus chakra symbol

The third energy chakra in our body is called “Manipura” which translates to “luscious gem” or “the dwelling place of the Self”

Our understanding of the gut brain and its impact on your mood levels is a tool that works with the energy centre of the solar plexus.

The adrenal glands, diaphragm, pancreas, psaos muscles and digestive system are all governed within this energetic aspect of our body. This is the seat of our personal power, so when our little peeps are all jammed up in there, then how empowering are they made to feel? My guess is, not so much.

To treat the body by one aspect only, the physical body, does a disservice to tremendous technology that we are as living, breathing, electric, magnetic beings that are so much more than just the body.

No matter your relationship to the higher aspects of our existence – whether it be through religion, spirituality, non-acceptance etc – you are still in relationship with the broader aspects of our existence as a species on a planet in an infinite universe.

Whether you can understand that our bodies are made of energy or not, does not exclude you from its influence. It may be a better vibe if you embraced new knowledge and see how it can work for you.


Here Are Some Fun and Simple Facts you Can Outfit Yourself With in Your Empowerment Toolbox


1. The solar plexus chakra is your fire centre.

When this energy centre is in all kinds of balance and good feels, then you are in your fire. This is the seat of your will power and the centre that gives you that flame to stand up for yourself.

The fire centre is your heating system.

fire centre lit up

If your fire is dim and not burning, then lighting up that bad boy would do you wonders!

If your flame centre is unbalanced and your fire is burning out of control, that may manifest itself to look like you being hard on yourself, seek perfectionism and be a massive consumer in different or all areas of your life.

Maintaining balance in our systems is our chief aim.

A healthy fire centre will determine how you show up in your day and a healthy and regulated fire centre through physical exercise and supportive, natural and healthy nutrition will enhance this aspect of your being.

2. The Solar Plexus Chakra governs the stomach, upper back and spine and the upper intestines.


Maintaining a healthy diet and a good exercise regime is one of the ways you can start to balance your solar plexus energy, as well as connecting with it.

With the newest discoveries in human evolution and the capacities of our incredible technologies that are inherently connected to the world around us.

Understanding your body’s energy system – see a post from our sister site about demystifying the chakras.

This chakra is the seat of digestion and is the area in which we receive nourishment for our physiological needs, as we once did via the umbilical cord from our Mamas when we were first growing in her tummy.

Ayurveda describes the digestive force as the ultimate way to determine a person’s health.

With the new knowledge of the gut brain and its nervous system, this is congruent with this theory.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra Governs Your Metabolism.

Being a living organism, your metabolism relates to your chemical reactions that occur within you and your body’s processing.

A common correlation with that of the metabolism is the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is defined as the average sum of calories we burn while living the good vibe life.

It could be commonly sensed then, that imbalances in this energy centre in our body will lead to issues with our abilities to manage and function our optimal health.

Keeping Your Solar Plexus Optimal


The solar plexus chakra is synonymous with transformation. Given the solar plexus chakra is the seat of your Ego and the Ego is your personality in society, representing your unique individuality.

It is the space from which your self-esteem and self-worth emanate. This energy centre within you is the seat of your personal power and embracing it, understanding its function and nurturing it.

An imbalanced solar plexus energy can look like an irritable bowel or digestive tract malfunctions which is the opposite of optimal gastro intestinal health.

Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement with minimal drama that will prove to balance, enhance and elevate your personal power.

1. Self Acceptance


To become a shining example of who you are, you need to accept who you are. A good portion of your disharmony in our lives is because we resist what is.

Resistance to anything creates an inhomogeneous energy and will end up giving you more things to be resistant to.

Being accepting, understanding that the entirety of the Universe in which we live is all-inclusive.

Think about this, like really try to encompass this kind of thinking.

accept yourself for you

If EVERYTHING exists, then it is up to you to choose what you will and will not accept.

You can acknowledge its right to exist, and then choose differently, but resisting what is already there, that which already is in play, is futile because you are just causing yourself stress and resistance in your energy field.

There is a saying that what you resist will persist.

The act of being diminishing, non accepting and diminutive to your body, your mind, your capabilities, your relationships….ANYTHING…simple does not serve you.

Learn this and implement this mindset and you will begin to see tangible shifts in your experience and note that the seat of your personal power begins to feel more empowered and supported.

When you can learn to be okay with where and who you are in this present moment, then you have shifted your attention to a place in which you can tangibly affect change within you.

 The inner you and your inner dialogue, whether conscious or not, play an influential and pivotal role in how the events and circumstances of your life unfold.

When you cannot accept your body, how can you change it?

When you cannot accept your illness, how can you heal it?

When you cannot accept aspects of yourself, how do you expect the world to?

It’s all you. All of it.

Accepting Yourself Fully Leads To Personal Empowerment.



“I accept myself completely. I stand in my personal power and am confidant in understanding and implementing my needs wants and desires. I am as I choose to be.”

2. Empowering & Advantageous Nutrition


It is a misnomer that eating healthy is expensive and a big to do. You ever wonder why people who buy into the pharmaceutical way of handling their issues never seem to relinquish their health issues?

I am not saying that some chemical pills have their place in offering relief, but if our society were really promoting a true healthcare system, then wouldn’t people be getting healthy?

popping pills is a misnomer

It could be said, just from factual observation, that the money making industry that is the pharmaceutical drug industry governed by large corporations have made their wealth on the guarantee that people remain in ill health.

The truth is that the more you become aligned with your energy centres and cultivate and intimate and connected relationship with your body, the healthier you will be and then you will cultivate the belief in yourself that you are, indeed, your own healer.

Did you know that 95% of ALL DISEASE is caused by STRESS.


Only 5 percent of the billions of people that live on this planet are unhealthy, sick or terminal due to circumstances outside of their control, but that 95% of us are left with COMPLETE CONTROL to govern and manage our health and well-being.

Healthy living is actually really really simple.

One need only make the time to cultivate a practice of setting time aside to honour and respect themselves and the body that will carry them through their life journey.

I am not a person who thinks or practices full force of one thing and only that.

life in colour with balance


Balance is the name of the game in anything in life.

We are so beautifully unique and individual, so it only stands to reason that our desires and predilections for food would prove to be the same.

I am of the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition. Eighty percent of what I ingest are natural, grounded and high vibrational foods.

The other twenty percent is invested in the treats that the media and large corporations promote as being good, but in fact are super disempowering for your physiology if consumed in excess.

I gave up my chocolate addiction and that alone put my emotions into a regulation that had been eluding me when I was immersed in the pattern of ingesting obscene amounts of sugar.

Glucose is fuel for the brain.

In fact, glucose is the only food the brain absorbs.

Best your glucose be from products you are inherently connected to – the Earth.

The body has its own intelligence, as does the Earth.

When we live aligned with these truths then we live well.

When we live in ignorance of these truths, we cannot.

The choice is entirely in our own hands.

The more you invest in high vibrational and beneficial healthy foods, the more connected you become in understanding how nutrition has a direct impact on your mood and energy levels.

Investing in the good, organic, naturally cultivated foods is one of the biggest acts of self-respect a person can bestow upon themselves.


3. Core Maintenance and Exercises


I am a pretty fit Mama Bear and have been for the duration of my life due to the correlation that physical exercise has, for me and my wiring for maintaining an optimal mind landscape.

In fact, without a high intensity workout in the morning, the chemistry in my body proves to offer more hindrances than it does advantages.

Energy is inherent in all that makes up this world and the inhabitants.

Having a relationship to your energy does not require you to be a mystic sage or Shaman.

We are all made of energy and we are all in concert with energy.

You can denote such a truth by any time you have had intuitive feels, had a gut instinct or been in a situation where you are having experiences that are nonverbal and fueled with emotion.

The very word emotion translates to energy in motion.

With our common sense in play, we can then put the pieces together to see that if we are down-and-out, we need to get up and go in.

Running, bicycling, tabata, yoga, core strengthening exercises, paddle/skate/surfboarding are just a handful of activities a human can get up and go out and engage in somebody motion.

When you are governing yourself with a mindset that these activities are well out of your reach, then simple meditation and ancient energy exercises like tai chi and qi gong can prove to elevate your body’s energy with very little investment from you. martial arts as exercise

Should it be that even if a small amount of physical acumen eludes your experience, then rather than judge it, become curious about it.

Why do you not invest in yourself and your body with the gift of motion?

Why do you not invest any time into nurturing the vessel that is taking you through your lifespan?

Having an honest conversation with yourself about your self care is hugely helpful. Taking time to reflect how to best serve your own individual needs is a form of great self care and respect.

For solar plexus chakra healing, yoga is a profoundly beautiful and simple way to harness balance and empowerment in your fire centre.

Boat Pose, Plank Pose and Sun Salutations are supportive and nurturing to your 3rd energy centre.

When you need further clarification on the practice, see our general overview post on yoga here.

4. Level Up in Water Consumption


This one is the simplest and most efficient way to optimize and empower your body.

It is such a paradox that we live in a society that promotes sugary carbonated beverages that are self-proclaimed to contain neurotoxins and a good portion of the population consumes it as if it was water.

Our bodies survive on water, like our Planet.

No water.

No life.

no water no life

It is so simple, it is almost comical how we have this resource that can provide us with so much strength, versatility and empowerment and yet, many choose not to engage in its consumption on a consistent basis as a modality of empowered and optimal living.

A tall glass of filtered, pure clean water upon waking will prove to give your organs the boost they need to get your day started off in a good vibe.

Drinking water before a meal satiates your thirst and allows for a more accurate gauge on your hunger. Consuming a large glass of water after a meal aids in its digestion.

Water has a direct impact on your blood levels – having good blood levels allows your heart to pump it with ease and efficiency. In fact, the mass that makes up blood is 90 percent water.

When you are dehydrated your heart has to work harder to pump your blood and that will surely lead you to feeling fatigue or sluggish.

Your energy levels, your digestion, your mucus levels (which aid in digestion), your spinal cord, your brain, sensitive tissues and body temperature are reliant on optimal function by way of the appropriate consumption of water.

water enhances your health


Vibrant health and nurturing one’s physiological health are aspects of our lives, that up until recently, have not been at the forefront of our societal modalities.

Taking time out for yourself and cultivating a consistent practice of self care is a very courageous act of respect and dignity for oneself.

The most courageous act one can provide for oneself is that of self care and authentic nurturing of your unique needs. The tips and tools provided above are shared by all who govern a human system.

Learning and implementing strategies that optimize and support your well-being will serve you in every aspect of your life experience.