Smoothie For Kids – The SmoothPoops Recipe



This Smoothie for Kids Contains 10 Ingredients Mixed Together to Give your Little Ones Bellies a Boost!

High Vibrational and Natural Foods that Support and Enhance your Physiology are a Surefire Win!!

This smoothie for kids is gastrointestinal thrive.  This original smoothie of the smoothpoops contains:


Mixed Beans




Flax Seeds

Spoonful of Honey

Mango Juice

Orange Juice


Ingredients – Chemical Free!

ingredients chemical free

Implementing The Smoothie That Works!!


The implementation of the smoothpoops smoothie for our famjam is two times a day.

A morning boost of energy as well as prime cocktail of pure health to get your kids days started off on the right foot.

Giving yourself and your kids a glass of tall water is a boost to the system and will help with hydration.

water boost first thing


The human body is a system that is made up more of more water mass than anything else.

Read that last sentence again and sit with & really absorb that information.

Having this knowledge, we can use it to empower our states of being.

Drink water and give your system what it is naturally made up of and see the impact this subtle change in habit does to elevate your state of being.

It is actually the basis behind the band aid approach technique the health care system has normalized in implementing peg laxatives to children.

The process of peg works to draw water from other entities in the body and draw that water to the bowel to make it more moist, thus easier to move stool.

Here’s an idea!!!

idea post it graphic


How about we just drink the right amount of water and leave the chemicals to cleaning rust, rather than coating the interior of your child’s body.

This is also why we promote foods and ingredients that are cultivated naturally from the beautiful Earth upon which we live and are intrinsically connected and oozing with the good feels for your system.

Laxatives are a quick fix and saviour from a complaining child, but the human body was not designed to ingest chemical laxatives. Like, ever.

commit to chemical free


As a Mama Bear I find myself at a dissonance with the normalization of such a practice.

Somewhere along the line in this world, it was developed and created as a band aid approach to poor physiological management and to assuage the effects of that lack of investment.

This is a fundamental key in understanding your own physiological health and that of your children.

healthy blueberry snack


Your health empowerment does not reside outside of yourself. If you can learn to meditate, you can learn to regulate and when you regulate, you decrease stress in your body. 95% of all disease is stress related (Bruce Lipton 1998) so this is empowering information in which to live by, because essentially, doing things we like to do and being chill is hardwired into our beings for optimal health and longevity.

This is great news because the more you follow your own feelings of empowerment and bliss, then the more your life will mirror that state of being. (Vadim Zeland/Mirror Principles/Reality Transurfing)

We have all been taught to seek outside of ourselves when we become ill when in fact our bodies are self healing mechanisms. The moment your body gets cut, it begins to heal itself. When you break a bone, the bone gets repaired by the body.

self limiting belief let go

It is of advantage to have an awareness of the constructs of our beliefs and the manner in which we frame our experience and ensure that they are not the culprits for such limited and disempowering ideas about our capacities as human beings.

It’s a goodvibe to check in with your thoughts and beliefs about things in your life.


The work of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and many more quantum scientists, cell biologists and leaders in the field of energy in the body and our connection to the Universal field of consciousness will attest this to be a formidable and very empowering truth.

I understand the self healing capabilities of the body because I myself have come through lower lumbar disc breaks and C-PTSD healing with investing through the works of Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and a bio-energy healer.

When I witness a system say that it is a health “care” system and still be working off very limited and misguided modalities of how we heal and perceive the capabilities of our bodies.

One need not be an expert in anything to inherently know, understand and live by the simple truth that a child is better off without any manufactured, unnatural, chemical combinations in their physiological system as they grow and develop this system.

The body has amazing capabilities because it is a spectacular technology.


It is us, as people with the bodies to know how to harness and expand these capabilities.

Simplicity is the key to good design when it comes to nurturing the Mind, Body & Spirit. Be good to yourself.

The emerging field of energy work and understanding of energy in the body and our relationship to the Universal field of consciousness is exciting and powerful for us humans who embrace, explore and implement this knowledge.


Even if you feel like it is beyond your scope of understanding, it’s all good! You don’t need to be a quantum physicist to know how to harness a positive and optimal long term investment for your child’s health.

Simple, healthy and natural foods (chemical and pesticide free). Exercise and a good amount of water. You dial in the three of these with a mindset of having already achieved your end result and you will be golden.

The second one I take as an afternoon primer when I pick up my dude from school before we hit the park. An alternative slot of time can be at lunch or dinner.


Two times a day is the recommendation, so whatever suits your schedule and the needs of your child.

My kid had some re flux which needs to be circumvented with a low acid diet.

The implementation of oats can help alkalies the acidic nature of some fruits and juices, but also consuming the acidic quantities several hours before sleeping, then the effects of acid are not evident upon waking which is the most frequent time that I have recognized my little guy’s re flux demonstrates itself.

Donna Eden has a great video on muscle testing that you can read and learn about here.

Once I learned of this technique it was amazing and simply empowering!!

I came to know that ketchup was the culprit for the re flux and that the smoothie itself is all good (neutral or positive based on the above) for my little guys physiology.


Such a simple testing system may seem too easy to be effective or hold value but the truth is that life is made to be easy and simple and it is us who make it complicated with our focus on the complicated.

The Universe is set up to support us, if we align with the right relationship with ourselves. Our bodies are self healing mechanisms and are an incredible biological technology.

Muscle testing foods in this manner is a hugely advantageous and empowering technique to understand what will empower you and what will prove to weaken you without making it super complicated and difficult in order for your to know what is going on for you and your kids in term of their consumables.

Embracing health does not have to be a huge deal or a strenuous activity.

A good portion of your outcomes depends entirely on the quality of your thoughts and your mindset.

steps to kids health


The way in which you frame your capabilities to encompass a healthy body and state of being is a huge component in achieving your desired result.

Being mindful about your thoughts and ideas around the subject of health is a simple yet very powerful method to enter into a relationship of empowerment with yourself.

Keep it simple.

Keep it golden.

The ingredients quantities are honestly done by intuition and picked by my bare hands striving for balance.

I do not prescribe strict measurements when it comes to my child’s smoothie.


The recommended daily value percentage criteria that you can follow is a good vibe if you are a numbers and analytical kind of person, but all the ingredients are beneficial in their own right.

The muscle testing technique works great because you can delineate each item individually and then collectively and muscle test those to understand how your child will respond to the ingredients themselves.

Check out the muscle testing technique here in this video.

Balance is the name of the game, in anything and everything.

Here you will see a photo of the quantities I used this morning for my little dudes smoothie and when we blend it up, the contents last 2 days/ 4 servings (2 cups) of smoothie.

The only items that are not included in the photograph below are flax seeds and honey.

The fruit is frozen as it lends itself to longer storage and you still benefit from the nutrients fibrous contents as studies have shown that there is no significant nutritional difference between fresh and frozen.

1 teaspoon of flax and 1 tablespoon of honey are the levels I add to the mix. smoothie combo winSMOOTHIE FOR KIDS

I do go easy on the flax seeds, no bigger than a teaspoon as they can prove to irritate the bowel if ingested in abundance.

Again, I can prescribe the formula, but only you as a parent/guardian can find the right way to implement it for your kids.

You know what they like and you govern their schedules, so quantities/portion sizes as well as the time of day in which they drink it can be flexible.

The idea is to get these nutrients and their natural high fibrous and gastrointestinal benefits as a consistent and regular entity within your child’s system.

A Solid Commitment to Implementing the Ingredients Consistently, in this Form, and it Tastes EPIC and is EMPOWERMENT for Your Kids!!! – Why Wouldn’t You Invest in this Kind of Practice??

When I became a new Mama Bear, I had no idea I would have such an intimate relationship with fecal matter and the physiological growth of a human, but I have and the journey has been eye-opening and insightful, and leveled up my tolerance for both vomit and poops. Yikes but it is how we are made and it is how we function.

Knowledge is power and self-knowledge is self empowerment so I do the research as issues arise and I am just not comfortable endorsing chemical laxatives promoted to me as supporting health.



Did you know that the human body makes its own chemical combinations and if nourished well and consistent movement of motion (exercise) these chemicals can work in your favour.

Again, for effectiveness, you can use the muscle testing technique or, you can follow the recommended daily values. Once all these contents are in the blender (bullet size blender) I fill the container with the juices and the water until they are saturated.

Our little guy likes a thicker kind of smoothie, but if your little ones are more into a liquid vibe, then adding extra water to thin it out is easy and effective.

Processed foods, chemical components unnatural to the body and no exercise leads to decline of the body system.

As I state with frequency, good health need not be complicated.

Eat good food.

Treat your body to movement.

Drink water.

Be mindful of your self talk and your language in relation to your body and your health.

We are formidably capable and optimal health is maintaining the right relationship in Mind & Body. Self reflection and an inquiry into ones own Spirit is a worthwhile investment.