Thrives For Kids Today

The Thrives For Kids Today Are A Sweet Feel to Harness in Today’s World Scope of Focus

It can be an imbalanced feel for a generation growing up in pandemic times. Thrives for kids today need be an axiom to balanced and healthy living within the global climate we find ourselves.

Harnessing optimal mental health is tricky when the dictates of society are they, themselves, rooted in victimization and fear. Having a go to list to engage thrives for kids today is an uplifting and more natural to life kind of sweet feel.

The energy of life and the harnessing of its optimal vibration lies in joy and freedom, laughter, silliness, tree climbing, bicycling, running and of course, playing!

None of these vibrations are permeated to the degree they are able when it comes to rearing children in a pandemic consciousness.

The psychological and emotional impact of infusing a child’s consciousness with fear of death to an inordinate and unhealthy degree is alarmingly abnormal.

With such normalizations taking place, it is an even sweeter feel to understand your own free will of choice.

Thrives for kids today is a priority to elect in terms of how to roll forth.

Within that free will of choice lies the thrives for kids today.

 This post will be a quick distill on how to elevate and maintain optimal vibes with your kids and their development so that they adopt a naturally healthy and balanced psychological perceptual world view.

Kids do not learn through what you speak at them.

They learn most influentially by what you do and model to them. Model to them empowerment proves exponential thrives for kids today.

Here are ten thrives adopted from the good feels of our companions over at the GVL.

Top Ten Thrives for Kids Today

1. Boundary the focus of violence, stress and toxic energy from their experience.

So much material online and in video games has a strong focus on violence and PTSD inducing content.

The influences upon a young developing neural space are impactful.

Guide them wisely,

Thrive for kids today means peace

2. Maintain awareness and practices of good hygiene habits.

If everyone takes responsibility of themselves, to wash their hands and dispose of their own materialis, biological or otherwise, means that there is less opportunity for misaligned energy to gain momentum.

 Not littering and washing your hands with balanced and common sense frequency is a good vibe.

Covering your mouth when you cough and wasting your hands is an aligned feel to maintaining social responsiblity.

If any benefit is to be gained from the pandemic it is to be mindful of our own behaviours wiht hygiene and the spaces we occupy and impact as a result.

Doing so with responsiblity and good hygiene is a good feel for an optimal thrive.

Top thrives of hand washing


3. Let them be who they are and let others be who they are. Respectfully.

With imbalances in the homogeneity of the energy of the globe, it can lend itself to people falling out of balance within themselves.

This can look like severe depressive states or hyper reactivity – the polarities of the the nervous system which thrives in BALANCE.


4. Nourish the body with filtered water. Consistently.

Give the body what it is naturally made of and watch how it operates for you.

  Maintaining a consistent and healthy consumption of the element of which makes up over three quarters of your entire mass is a common sense logical good feel.

Top thrives for kids and parents is water


5. Engage in physical activity outside

Connecting to your own body and in the environment of the natural world is one of the most energetically aligned and rewarding pursuits a human being can engage.

The body in itself is already in a natural state of motion.  To harmonize your own vibration to movement is the natural order of thrives for kids that is imperative to optimal health.

Wake up and workout thrive

6. Educate and regulate the brain

Learning new things and feeding your body consumables that support brain health and gut health is a prime thrive to your operating system.

There are 3 brains in the body.  The cerebral, the heart and the gut.  All three are intrinsically linked.

Taking care of all of them and educating yourself on all of them is a thrive that yields high vibrational living.


The neural love of trees



7. More offscreen time than on

Human contact and connection between parents and children is a natural and beautiful energy to encompass.

 The screen frequency is an unnatural vibration to the human biology so mindfulness of this is a self ownership thrive.

 Investing in screen free and connected time, space and attention has wonderful value for a child’s well being.

Stay present


8. Encouraging avenues of expression

Allowing people ot be who they are in the full expression of who they are is a good vibe.

Allowing the individual expression of thoughts, feelings, experiences and perceptions of your expereince as well as that of your children is an energy investment of the wisest kind.

Expressive stones


9. Consuming high vibrational natural food

The Earth provides the most beautifully and divinely crafted natural fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds….the list is endless of the vibrant array of colour and nutrients one can gain from the nourishing gifts this Earth provides.

Adopting a more natural and discerning diet of consumables that are rooted in naturalness and health is a simple and empowering investement.

Top thrives of the earth


10. Engaging activities that promote joy, freedom and ease

95 percent of all disease is stress related.

This is cellular biological fact (Bruce Lipton Cell Biology) means that if we really heed the dictates of stress free living, then we optimize or cellular biology.

  Some stress is needed for a biology to gain resilience for growth and expansion.

Consistent and normalized stress permeating the human system and experience is abnormal to the human experience and thus, disease is rampant as a result.

 The fun thrives for kids

Be chill.

 Have fun, It is the natural order.

These thrives listed above go into even greater detail by visiting this link here.