Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

We Here at The Smoothpoops

Recommend Being Super Vibrant

About Your Life Choices in Terms of

How You Dial in All Aspects of Your

Vibe. Empowering Habits Are Key!

 Consumables, Activiities, Mindsets, Choices,

Behaviours, Habits…..There are Infinite Avenues in

Which One is Able to Explore Their Own Lifeforce

and Engage in an Optimal Existence….Even When

There is a Weird Global Vibe Happening Overall.

Knowledge is power and self knowledge is self empowerment. As a Mama Bear who has fielded a good amount of life experiences, I have self knowledge that I am not a jump out of bed with the roosters kinda sister. Empowering habits are key to optimal living.

That is not to say I cannot be of the discipline to do so. When I worked in television I was up at 5am everyday only to do that for several months to then again affirm for myself that I am not a rise with the roosters kind of gal.

rise with the roosters

 As a parent however, sleeping in is very rarely and option unless you have a total boss partner who wakes up early and gives you the option to lie in.

I have that luxury most often and am super grateful for my beautiful partner.

my sweet family

On the days that this is not a reality for me, however, and there are no pressing engagements – which pretty much presently is a non issue due to the covid isolation,

 I created a fun game for my son to engage within from 7am to 8am so that I can have that extra 30 minutes to an hour of sleep and get out of bed at 8am is a sweet vibe!

 My son is eight and great so this proves EPIC feels for him.

eight is great

The Hardy Boys Treasure Hunt 

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

We are gender equal here at the smoothpoops so the sisters can get into the hardy boys vibe too and learn how boys would be as well as switching it out for Nancy Drew is a sweet feel.

 Be forwarned that the Hardy Boys was written in a time when racism was normalized and if you see language to that effect, then that is a great learning opportunity to share with your children how even a very prolific and famous set of literature can demonstrate the ignorance of those who abide by such beliefs and views.the gift of reading If anything this world has taught us, is that we all bleed the same colour and we all have the right to dignified and respectful treatment no matter who we are.

Yes, that’s right.

That is a peacemaking vibe and one of a thrive. Empowering Habits!

peace promotes health I have been at the receiving end of some serious trauma rooted in racism and I have to say that Universe is inclusive so all is accepted however, such suppressions against our fellow humans, in any way, shape or form goes against the very essence of what expands and supports our most optimal lifeforce.

If you are fortunate enough to be bestowed with a human of your own making and this little human happens to be all kinds of magic and filled with an unnparallelled exuberant energy, I request that you please DO NOT give them a SCREEN first thing in the morning, or in the entirety of their cerebral development  for the first 8 years of their lives.

The most optimal kind of vibe for a human brain upon waking is  a tall glass of water and some good physiological exercise to create a set point in which the day can begin.

Many underestimate the power of simple habit shifts when it comes to implementing  optimal health into a your day.

 When it comes to kids and adults, the most advantageous, life giving and simple way to boost your energy is by replacing the water your body used throughout the night to run on autopilot and basically reset and love your system.

love vibes for self

 if you are one of those people who takes that natural intelligence of their own body for granted, then this is a habit that can prove to elevate you in huge ways without you needing to any work really except get into a positive habit to change.

Many people scarf down a coffee and breakfast before they have even introduced water and deep breathing to their system.

 These two physiological habit wins are exponentially empowering and uplifting for your human system and takes only minutes to implement and perform in your day.

bear breathing water

 Our Systems Are Incredible.

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

We are designed to expand and move and transform yet many people live the same day over and over again based on habits that they have been taught or indoctrinated with that may not prove to be working in their highest good.

You take any kid who has behavioural issues and you implement a morning routine of 15 minutes of kid Qi gong, 15 minutes of high intensity exercise , 15 minutes of meditation and 2 tall glasses of water upon waking and one glass of water after each exercise, you have just taken 45 minutes to keeping your child optimal and healthy whilst living on a globe that is governed in such a manner that a virus is taking people out left, right and centre.

 Your most advantageious bio weapon is your own empowering management of your own physiological energy and the understanding that to keep it optimal is a very simple simple thing, if we treat it as such.

 We live in a  world of polarities so the complexities of the natural intelligence that governs your human system is well balanced with a simple approach.

Our Bodies Are Made Up of Vibration & Colour.

vibration and colour in the body

 When you feed your body products that are natural and vibrant and colourful, you thrive.  When you get enough sleep, your body has the opportunity to rest, digest  and realign to optimal.

The society in which we live governs itself at a momentum that is abnormal to the laws of nature. The globe has been isolated and a good amount of people have addictions to technology and screens to a degree that it impacts them to a psychological deficit.

 The 1st Law of Nature is Balance.

  When we look at how the societal structure normalizes the most misaligned imbalances in our consumption of the Earth’s resources and the manner in which the overal esteem of the law makers and those in governance are superiorily at a deficit of integrity and real wisdom, it almost becomes imperative that we should empower ourselves with the ambassadorship of conscious free will of choice and the right to be free from harmful and abusively normalized practices that diminish the very life force we are so fortunate to be bestowed with.

The Brain Games

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

How do you think a human system processes unnatural cellular frequencies with mind numbing and violence laden video games prove to impact it versus a self regulate system that engages in its own regulation and empowerment by harnessing the immense and infinite capabilities of discovery and imagination?

the gift of reading

We Are At a Time in the World Where it Appears to Be the Survival of the Fittest.

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

If you are in trepidation and fear and adorning a mask while wondering about your fate and your face is in a cellphone to the degree you are unaware you are entering traffic unkowingly, then can you really say you are in governance of your own attention and free will?

My cellphone broke and it has been the most beautiful 3 days without it as a result.

Reading books, connecting to nature and achieving and accomplishing tasks like it ain’t no thang.

The effects of our attention in the mass addiction of screens is a good vibe to be consciously aware of in terms of one’s own autonomous governance.

It is subtle but extremely impactful, the effects of cell phone usage to the brain.

empowered screen free parenting

Ensuring conscious control over the time and content is a superior thrive for you and your child(ren).

My phone was down for the count and everything is being done online for me to receive a replacement and I tell ya, the peace that I was gifted by being offline for 3 days straight was palapable.

Many people have been resistant and not really known what to make of the global isolation and there is always a way to seek a vibe of the thrive.

Creating engaging, fun and creative ways to make your kid’s experience one of the thrive is a sweet win for both parents and the support and nurturing of a developing child.

Leaving Clues to a Treasure Hunt Can Vary Based on the Age and Cerebral Acumen of Your Child.

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

mind maps

Depending on how old your child is and how much sleep in you want, you can make your clues as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Have them think for themselves and enhance their problem solving abilities while you have an extra twenty minutes of snoozing.

Some clues can be riddles like “Mama has a purple pair and Max has a red pair and Poppa Mark has a green pair and they are on the ground almost all the time.

converse treasure hunt

Alternative clues can be as simple as “I am on the window sill in the kitchen” and you create enough of those ones dispersed about all different areas in and around the house, then you have an occupied, excited and curious little person engaged in all kinds of fun.

When you leave a mass amount of clues to be uncovered and at the end of the clue find is a book all wrapped up and yummy looking, then your child has just started off their day with a super amount of self regulated fun and been rewarded with a book and reads for a half hour while you get some of that much needed sleep.

 If you have cultivated enough autonomy and self awareness and esteem in your children, then this can prove to be a super easy dial in that yields superior results for the whole famjam or even the solo parents who need some extra time to themselves in the am rising.

This is a body and mind win for all involved.  Your children are tested in their cerebral acumen and their little bodies are running about in excitement while you get to lay in and have an extra snooze before getting up and being a total parenting winner.

We teach and model how things are to roll forth for our little humans and it is a supreme thrive if you can dial in a treasure hunt that enables them the expansiveness of adventure, curiosity, discovery, mystery, self reliance, inquiry and fun.

Thrive Vibes 2B Had, Isolated or Not.

Treasure Hunts, Empowering Habits & Optimal Sleep In Opportunities

 Invest in the Fun and Adventure That is a Child’s Life.

It Pays in Dividends.