Water Supports Life – Drinking Water Boosts The System



One of the simplest ways to increase the overall health of yourself and that of your beautiful children is in the very simple act of drinking water. Water supports life, all of it here on Earth.

It is insane really, how optimal and supreme you can feel with just implementing the correct amount of water consumption in your daily life.

The amount of water that is contained in your body ranges from 50-70% depending on your sex, age and physiology. Elements such as muscle and fat mass on the body also determine how much water the body carries.

Muscle contains more water than fat, so if you are a fit person, you carry the most water, and if you are fat, you carry the least. Water supports life. An optimal one at that.

water as an element of health


The body is similar to nature in that if you treat it with balance, it will never waste energy unnecessarily. Carrying large amounts of excess fat on your body is a form of wasting energy and goes against how it is naturally designed to function.

Your body contains water. As a human being your body uses water in all its cells, tissues and organs for optimal functionality. Water is a life sustaining element of the earth. It is an element that proves to enhance and support the well-being of yourself and your little people. Drinking water boosts your system.

Given the percentage range of how much water is contained in a human, it would stand to reason in the common sense department that drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day would be a life supporting, simple and all around pretty great idea, no?

water is an element of the earth


In doing so, you are helping maintain balance of the bodies fluids. Circulation, absorption, digestion, nutrient transport, saliva creation and body temperature regulation are all attributed to functions of the bodily fluids that water helps maintain.

We can call that a consumption win!!

Your brain performance is enhanced exponentially by ensuring you have sufficient water in your system. Thirty percent of your brain performance deteriorates should you not have enough water in your system.

One third is a pretty good chunk there, and for me, a solid motivator to keep me and my little guy saturated with the good feels of the natural element of Mama Earth, el agua – water.

drinking water boosts your system


It is also a main ingredient in the smoothpoops smoothie and a recommended intake of 6-8 cups a day for little ones and 2litres for us adults.

Break up the intake throughout the day, periodically, and make it a habit.

You have habits in your life that determine your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly outcomes.

This is a habit worth investing in.

The benefits of keeping sufficient water in your body lends itself to optimal functionality.

drink water to elevate


You feel better.

Read that again. 

 Drinking enough water makes you feel better. 

It is that simple.


You perform better.

Your brain is alert.

This has an exponential impact on how you approach every aspect of your life.

 Knowing this, it would be worthwhile to take the drinking of the water kinda seriously, yes?

water consumption win


For yourself, for your children – water is a simple and effective way to support your natural well-being and optimal health so guzzle guzzle guzzle till it dribbles down your muzzle…