The Benefits of Beans – We All Know The Results


Beans, beans, they make you……we all know the results with beans. The benefits of beans for your gastro health is, literally, a smooth experience for your gut brain and gastro health.  

Beans contain sugar molecules that some people are unable to break down due to lack of a certain type of enzyme in their system – this results in gas and bloating. Beans make you flatulate which is okay because we are keen to get our little people to get their gas tracts active and get those bowels a moving!

In the smoothpoops ingredients that we use for our little man, we dial in a six bean medley of chick peas, dark red kidney beans, black-eyed peas, white kidney beans, romano beans and baby lima beans. They come in a handy can and provides a good deal of nutrition and fibre to our little people’s bodies.

beans make you poo

Why Beans are a Good Pick


The health benefits of beans are abundant. Beans are classified as legumes. Developed from flowers, beans grow in pods that are essentially capsules with a number of bean guys inside. There are amino acids contained in beans which is a partner in the protein making chemicals that support the growth and expansion of your musculature physiology.

Being protein is an essential nutrient to the human body this is a smooth vibe up into the empowerment zone of the fundamental foundation in which to support their gastrointestinal health.

When it comes to my little guy, I like to ensure that his nutrients are dialled into where they need to be in order to make sure he is expanding and developing to the most optimal little human he has the capacity and good fortune to become.

When I was pregnant the topic of folate was something I had no knowledge of, but became aware of as I was doing my due diligence in understanding the processes I must undergo to have a healthy and vibrant little baby.

Did I ever score when I achieved this intention! Here he is on day one into this world – a 10/10 on all counts! Fortune bestowed from healthy and conscious choices of how I governed my body during my pregnancy – and that work will be invested into him outside of me.

little bean eats beans



Giving him laxatives and chemicals as part of his growth feels counter intuitive to my innate desire to keep and maintain NATURAL HEALTH so that he not become addicted or reliant on any chemical that is not naturally created by his own physiology.

Sufficient folate in a woman’s system during pregnancy helps prevent neural tube defects in a fetus.

Appropriate amounts of folate also lends itself to the physiology of a human being to yield strength, vitality, regulated heart palpitations, healthy appetite and system regulation.

Zinc, iron and magnesium are other crucial nutrients found in beans making the inclusion of beans in our smoothies a nutrient dense food win!

beans make you poo


Fermentable Fiber


There are 7 kinds of fibre, apparently and this site here delineates them in a very easily understood and well laid out manner. Adding beans to our smoothies means the addition of fermentable fibers. These babies direct their attention into the large intestine and supports feeding the diverse population of healthy bacteria in your little ones tummy(ies).

Beans are a good source of fermentable fibers. This fiber moves into the large intestine and helps to feed the diverse colony of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Now you tell me.

What do you think is better for your child’s overall health and well-being?chemical free kids

Natural legumes that provide optimal nutrients from the Earth, or laxative chemicals made from a factory? Our bodies are intrinsically designed to thrive and succeed in concert with the natural world that surrounds us.

Somehow, fundamentally, a collective group of people, including those in the current “health” system have forgotten this truth and are seeking solutions outside of themselves.

The human body is one of the most, if not, the most, complex and magnificent technologies you will ever encounter.

It takes you through this life, and how you nurture its growth determines its efficacy in how it enables you to experience this life.

Do you want to nourish your little people with natural fibrous foods from the earth that support and are designed to make a human physiology thrive or would you prefer a chemical cocktail made from artificial ingredients that lend itself to addiction and physiological dis empowerment?


beans for kids

Ask questions.

Do your homework.

Raise a NATURALLY healthy child.